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It depends on the sport and it's popularity as well as the type of product you are trying to endorse and the length of time. Someone of this nature will have an agent who will try and negotiate a fee for endorsement. in many circumstance the may even off to sponsor the person for the same value

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Q: How much do you have to pay an up-and-coming athlete to endorse a product?
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Who does Yamaha pay to endorse their pianos and how much?

The amount that Yamaha pays to endorse their product would be a private matter and not in the public domain.

A trained athlete differs from a couch potato in that an athlete has?

An athlete is much fitter than a couch potato and much more thinner and faster.

You have been a professional athlete for twenty years and ABCD Vitamins helped you stay healthy you liked the product so much you bought the compan?


How much should a female golfer get paid to endorse a product?

There is no official amount, basically with consideration of their status and how popular they are they should command the price and also have option of turning an offer down if they feel it is not enough.

How much do celebrities get paid for endorsements?

payed around or between 10-500$ million depending on the product or services,some celebrity even endorse for social causes to like B be for Gujarat tourism.

How much does a professional athlete make a year?

How much a professional athlete makes each year depends on how well he or she does in that sport and how many sponsors and advertisers work with the athlete. A professional athlete has the potential to make millions of dollars per year.

How much does a professional athlete make a day?

If the athlete made $1,000,000 a year, they would make $2,739 a day. But really it depends on the Athlete.

How much money does the average professional athlete make in a year?

There is no such thing as an "average" pro athlete.

A athlete sweats as much as?

a cow

Why does a trained athlete have a better lung capacity than a untrained athlete?

They are used to running around and doing much harder work than the untrained athlete.

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Depends on the contract but an average athlete makes about 400,000 in a month

How much does a athlete get paid a month?


What do people have to do to be like an Olympics athlete?

people have to practice as much as they can to be like an olympic athlete because you are representing your country.

How much does the heaviest Olympic athlete weigh and in which sport does he compete?

Actually it is not wrestling, it is Judo and the athlete is 481 lbs.

How much money does a athlete in Argentina make a year?

The amount of money any other athlete in Argentina will make.

How too write an essay of of a football athlete?

Find out as much biographical information about the athlete and then compile that information with their statistics.

How much does a professinal athlete earn?

depends on the sport

A professional athlete can sweat as much as?

4 liters

Was Einstein an athlete?

Einstein despised "Gym" when he was child so I'm sure he wasn't much of an athlete but he was proficient violin player.

How much does an average pro athlete pay in taxes?

That depends on the specific athlete's income as well as how many loopholes their lawyers can find.

What propaganda technique is used I've been a professional athlete for twenty years and abcd vitamins helped me stay healthy i liked the product so much i bought the company?

This is called a testimonial technique.

How much does it cost for an athlete to compete in the Olympics?

Depends, How much money are you willing to give to me.

How much do the athletes spend during the Olympic games?

That would depend on how much the athlete has

How much money does a athlete get?

Over 100,000 dollars a year!

How much sleep should a athlete get?

9-10 hours