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To wear a bikini you can weigh either one pound or a billion! Every girl can be beautiful in a bikini!

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Q: How much do you have to weigh to wear a bikini?
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What is bikini dare?


Is it bad to wear a bikini?

No, it is not bad to wear a bikini. But, it is sunbathing without a sun-screen that is bad!

Why do women wear bikini?

Because bikini is the under dress for women.

What type of underwear to male gymnasts wear?

bikini briefs

When would a woman wear a bikini?

when she want to wear i think

Should you wear sweatpants tomorrow?

noyou should wear a bikini

What clothes to wear in Alaska?

a bikini

Did leia wear underwear with the bikini?


What to wear to your boyfriends game?


Can any girl wear a bikini?

i dont think muslim girls can but im not sure. im a muslim but im going to wear a bikini

What type of clothe shold you wear in the desert?

you should wear a bikini

Can you use bikini in new jersey beaches?

It depends on what you mean. You can wear a bikini on NJ beaches.

Did hema malini wear bikini in any film?

In Paraya Dhan she wears a black bikini

Where can a boy wear a bikini?

Anywhere m'dear!

What do women wear in beach volleyball?

a bikini

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Can a guy wear his sisters bikini?

of course

What should you never wear when welding?

A bikini

What does the slaves in Medieval Times wear?

a bikini

What did Billy Holiday wear?

A Bikini (black)

What would you wear if you live in a rainforest?

a bikini

If you have acne on your arms and chest can you wear a bikini?

Yes you can if you want to. If it were me i would try and find something to get rid of the acne but of course you can still wear a a bikini.

Is bikini underwear all right for a little boy?

A little boy has no need to wear a bikini top, so NO, it is not suitable for a young boy to wear!

How much do you weigh if you wear size 00 and xxsmall?

You probably weigh about 90 to 100 pounds

You are a 56kg girl who is 5'2'' can you wear a bikini and you have a flat tummy too?

anyone can wear a bikini.... if you are 13 dont wear something a 25 year old would wear. Be age appropriate not skanky looking