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What do people think of Rosa parks?

people think she is brave and can stand up for her and others rights

Is robbie Williams cool?

Not reallypeople used to think at school i was his daughterbecause my last name is Williams x

Is katt williams cute?

Some people do indeed think Katt Williams is cute. Williams is a rapper, well-known comedian, and an actor. He has one child, but is not married.

Do abused people let the abuse happen?

i think some people think someone might hurt them if they stand up for themselves

What do silly bands stand for?

Silly things...? i think it is just a silly thing for people to were i think there cute

Does DNA stand for Do Not Ask?

Some people think that D.N.A. stands for Do Not Ask. I would know that. But D.N.A. stand for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid. It might stand for Do Not Ask.

What does hwi stand for?

not to sure but people say it alot i think it means your asleep or how are you

What does La stand for on the map?

most people think it is los angeles but its actually louisianna!

What is Serena Williams moms name?

Her name is Oracene Williams I think.

How tall is Leah Williams?

Leah Williams is 5foot 4 i think

Are Anson Williams and Robin Williams related?

I don't think so.

What do you think causes a person to take a stand against injustice?

some people get tired of the same old thing and stand up for what they believe in.

What characteristics define 'cool'?

I think to be "cool" you need to just be yourself and not doubt who you are. If you are completely confident in yourself, then you are "cool". You also have to not care what other people think of you and stand up for yourself. If you are totally confident, don't care what other people think about you, and can stand up for yourself, then you are "cool".

How long from uk to South Africa?

a number of hours. think here people

Why did black people stand in bus?

Because the whites didn't think the blacks diserved to sit.

The smash 1994 album The Sweetest Days was performed by this these artists?

Vanessa Williams for sure!!vanessa williamsVanessa Williamsvannessa williams. i think

What does it mean to geek out with someone?

I think it means freak out on i think it means to do "geeky" stuff together that other people couldn't stand doing.

Is Andy Williams of the devil wears Prada married to Hayley Williams of paramore?

i think not!

How many people stand up to bullies?

I think that 1/4 of the U.S stands up to a bully

What did the people in the north think about Lincoln's stand on slavery?

They thought that Lincoln's stand against it would bring more countries forward to ask for friendship and to become allies

What do finger nail polish colors stand for?

Most people think it stands for your mood. But other people have different thoughts about different subjects.

What do people think about robbie joining take that again?

Robbie Williams needed Take That more than Take That needed Robbie Williams in my opinion but it's possibly the best thing to happen in 2010!

What is the hank Williams song in the jeep commercial?

I dont think there is a commercial with a Hank Williams song

Who did Hayley Williams hair?

she does it herself I think

Is Robin Williams an introvert?

I don't think he is!