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It largely depends on what they write. If we're talking newpapers and magazines, it could be anywhere from $0 to hundreds or maybe even thousands. I'm going to assume we're talking about novels here though.

The average author gets roughly $5000-15000 per book sold as the advance and most do not make much more then that. Most young authors however, like Christopher Paolini or Nancy Yi Fan or Flavia Bujor get bigger money strictly because they are young and publishers use this as a major hook to make money. In terms of Christopher, author of the Eragon books, he's made over 20 million dollars. Usually though, a few thousands a year can be assumed. But the more books an author has published and the more popular they become, the more money they make.

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Q: How much do young writers get paid?
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How much Bollywood screenplay writers get paid?

Bollywood screenplay writers get paid in lakhs . They do not get paid as much as actors. They certainly hold a lot of importance in the movies.

How much do author's get paid?

Writers with several years experience get paid about $25,000 to $30,000 a year. Online writers can make up to $70,000.

How much do manga writers get paid?

Of course they write the story

How much money do comic book writers get paid a year?

== ==

How much do game writers get paid?

more then $10 an hour.

How much do professional writers get paid?

Depends on how good their books sell.

How much do writers of a sitcom get paid?

the answer to that quetion would be anywhere from 250,000 to 500,000

How much do fortune cookie writers get paid?

Fortune cookie writers do not get paid very well. One might make around 25,000 a year writing fortune cookies. That is if they are good at what they do.

In Faulkner's speech, what does he say is a privilege for young writers?

to inspire people

How much do newspaper writers get paid?

it all depends on were you live and how big the newspaper is. the average pay is about 35K to about 65K

How are magazine writers paid?

with money lolzz

How much does an author get paid per hour?

'Authors' are usually not paid by the hour. Authors are usually paid by the manuscript. This is true for authors of books. Sometimes an author is given an advance amount of money in anticipation of receipt of the final manuscript. As well, sometimes authors are paid a royalty on each book sold.Other writers, such as journalists, technical writers, ghost writers, and so forth may be able to work out other compensation schemes.

How much does a horror writer get paid?

It depends on whether the book sells, how popular it becomes, whether it gets made into a movie or not.... Not all horror writers get paid the same amount.

In Faulkner's speech, what does he say is the duty of young writers?

to write about man's compassion and sacrifice. -apex

Should kids be movie writers at a young age?

Yes because some younger writers don't get the chance to become movie writers

How much do writers get paid for spec scripts?

Often, writers are not paid for the spec scripts, because these scripts function as a kind of business card to show prospective employers that a)you can write b)you can follow structure c)you know their genre, etc. If they are bought, WGA union pay rules apply.

In Faulkner's speech, what does he say young writers of the day need to learn to write about?

Universal truths

How much are writers paid?

It depends on what they sell! Short story writers can make $75 - $200 per story. Most magazines pay a certain amount per word. Novel writers make more, depending on whether they are a best-selling author or a first time one.

How much do writers get paid if the book was really good?

5 cents.. haha stupid how the hell am i supposed to know. Go ask a writer. :D

How much does a writter make a year?

Answer Writers aren't usually paid on a yearly basis. It really depends on who the writer is working for, or if the writer is working for themself. Writers who write books for example are usually paid royalities and those royalities are paid each 4th month periode. How much the writer makes depends on how well the publisher likes what he has read in the writers manuscript and how many books are printed out. Writers all want to be paid but a true writer, I mean true of heart isn't so much worried about dollar figures as they are worried that what they just took two years or so to write does end up getting published. Some writers get paid by the word and again that depends on who they work for. You might want to get a book in any book store that will tell you about writers guide lines and what topics will earn a writer the most profit. If you are an unpublished writer and thinking that this is the road to glory and tons of money, then you are in for a big surprise because the writing world is extremly hard to get into. Stephan King's aren't made they were born and if you were born to write I wish you all the best

How much money does a games script writer earn?

They don't get paid much, scratch that idea take business instead game script writers are never rich unless a miracle occurs!

How much do a physical therapy get paid an hour?

how much do physical thearipist get paid how much do physical thearipist get paid how much do physical thearipist get paid how much do physical thearipist get paid

What advice does Jacqueline woodson have for young writers?

to use ur imagination

What is the average salary of a medical writer?

Medical writers get paid more than many other writers because their skills are more specialized and much of the work is supported by the pharmaceutical industry. The average annual salary for medical writers exceeded $74,000 per year in 2004, according to the survey. Medical writers with advanced degrees averaged between $83,000 (for women) and $94,000 (for men).

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