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How much do zookeepers get paid?


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30,000 a month


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In Hawaii, we get paid almost $20hour. but on average in the US they get paid $14 a hour

they get paid 10.20 millions dollars a day!

on average, around £27,500

Zookeepers train lions so they are not as much of an unpredictable danger. They will train them to come to their food a certain way and to remain a distance away from the trainer for safety.

New zookeepers can expect to make at least $14 an hour. Zookeepers can move up within his zoo as a senior zookeeper or look to move to a larger zoo.

Starting pay is about $18.00 + per hour... They are Teamsters

Sometimes, but some zookeepers are trained to look after certain types of animals or are specialists.

Zoo keepers usually make up to 20,000 to 25,000 a year.

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if the zookeepers don't know much about that animal and where it lives, i suggest you leave the animal alone.

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i think a zookeepers is important as any other job out there cause i know alot of people won't do the thing that those people do for those anmials.

Zookeepers get many regular job benefits such as healthcare and vacation. They sometimes get to travel to other zoos too. They get to work with animals doing something that they love.

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Jack Hanna among others

Do ZooKeepers Use Math?

they take care of animals or wild animals

Regular zookeepers also feed marine animals. Both zookeepers and marine trainers can be found in the staff panel.

Some famous zookeepers include Jack Hanna, Marlin Perkins, and Julian Huxley. Others include Gerald Durrell, Peter Scott, and James Fisher.

If you are paid 3k, then it means that you are paid "$3000".

The diet of zoo animals is carefully regulated by zookeepers based on the type of animal, its health, its age, how much exercise it gets, and other considerations.

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