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CSI: Miami

How much does Caruso make per episode of CSI Miami?

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How much does david caruso get paid?

$8,250,000 a year for David Caruso it means $687,500 per month, $171,875 per week or $34,375.00 per day! Actor David Caruso earns $375,000 per episode of CSI: Miami to overact and take his sun glasses off. That makes over eight million dollars a year for the 54-year-old who has been playing Lieutenant Horatio Caine since 2002. Caruso had appeared in numerous movies early in his career, but really became famous on NYPD Blue in 1993.

How much does victor make an episode in young and the restless?

We do not know how much Victor make an episode in young and the restless.

How much money x-ray make in Miami?

if I star working in Miami Florida how much is go to be my salary anual

How much do American Pickers make per episode?

how much do american pickers get paid per episode

How much do the Sprouse twins make per episode?

probably around $25,000 to $50,000 per episode They only make 20 thousand an episode.

How much does the last frontier crew make each episode?

How much per episode for Alaska the last frontier

How much money does Dylan and Cole Sprouse make per episode?

they make anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 dollars per episode Actually, they make 40k per episode.

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