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As of July 2014, David Cameron is worth approximately $6. 3 million dollars. He is best known for being the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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The UK Prime Minister receives £142,500 per annum as salary for being Prime Minister. He is also a sitting member of Parliament (MP) and thus receives and additional salary of £65,737.

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Q: How much does David Cameron earn a year?
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187k.At present the Prime Minister receives £127,334 in addition to a salary of £60,277.£142,500 a yearGordon Brown (No longer Prime Minister) currently earns around £187,000 per year as British Prime Minister.OK - So definitively David Cameron who is the current British Prime Minister earns £142,500 per year. Recently the Civil Service disclosed the salary's of all of the Cabinet members who earn over £150,000. David Cameron's £142,500 was used as a bench mark for this.

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