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MLB player Josh Harrison weighs 200 pounds.

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Q: How much does Josh Harrison weigh?
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How much money does Josh Harrison make?

MLB player Josh Harrison made $513000 in the 2014 season.

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When was Josh Harrison born?

Josh Harrison was born on 1987-07-08.

How tall is Josh Harrison?

MLB player Josh Harrison is 5'-08''.

How much did George Harrison weigh?

142 lbs.

How much does James Harrison weigh?

242 lbs

How much does Josh Farro weigh?

137 pounds

How much does Josh Elliot weigh?

250 pounds

What MLB team does Josh Harrison play for?

Josh Harrison plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What position does Josh Harrison play?

Josh Harrison is a right fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Where was Josh Harrison born?

MLB player Josh Harrison was born in Cincinnati, OH.

Does Josh Harrison bat right or left?

MLB player Josh Harrison bats right.

Does Josh Harrison throw right or left?

MLB player Josh Harrison throws right.

What is Josh Harrison's number on the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Josh Harrison is number 5 on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

How much does Harrison Barnes weigh?

NBA player Harrison Barnes weighs 210 pounds.

How much does Matt Harrison weigh?

MLB player Matt Harrison weighs 240 pounds.

How much does Harrison Ruopp weigh?

NHL player Harrison Ruopp weighs 198 pounds.

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NHL player Jay Harrison weighs 220 pounds.

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NBA player Josh Harrellson weighs 275 pounds.

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NBA player Josh Huestis weighs 230 pounds.

How much does Josh Powell weigh?

NBA player Josh Powell weighs 240 pounds.

How much does Josh Smith weigh?

NBA player Josh Smith weighs 225 pounds.

How much does Josh Beckett weigh?

MLB player Josh Beckett weighs 230 pounds.