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Michelle Obama

How much does Michelle Obama weigh?

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About 170 pounds. She is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

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How much did Michelle Obama weigh when she was a baby?

Michelle weighed 20 pounds 10 ounces.

Does Michelle weigh more than Barack Obama?


How much Michelle Obama weight when she was born?

Michelle Obama wieghed 6 pounds when she was born

How much does mitt romney's wife weigh?

About 140 pounds, a good 50 pounds less than Michelle Obama.

Whom is Barack Obama married to?

Michelle Obamamichelle.

How much does Michelle Obama eat?


Who influenced Michelle Obama?

Barack Obama influenced Michelle Obama.

How much does Michelle Obama weigh What is her physical weight and height?

Mrs. Obama is 5'10 1/2 inches tall and weighs 187......She is very think and deceivingly thin from the front view...

What does Michelle Obama do for living?

what did michelle obama do for living

When did Michelle married Obama?

Michelle married Obama in 1992.

What is the sexual orientation of Michelle Obama?

Michelle Obama is straight.

Where is Michelle Obama today?

Michelle Obama is in Washington D.C

Who do Michelle Obama remind you of?

i never met Michelle Obama

Why did Michelle Obama do what she did?

tell me important events of michelle obama

Who is taller Michelle Obama or Eleanor Roosevelt?

michelle obama

How much does Michelle beadle weigh?


How much does k Michelle weigh?


How old are President Obama and his First Lady Michelle Obama?

President Obama is 52, Michelle Obama is 42.

When did Obama marry Michelle?

Barack Obama married Michelle Robinson (Obama) in October of 1992.

Who is Michelle Obama role model or hero?

Michelle obama role model barko obama

Is Michelle Obama Hispanic?

No, Michelle Obama is not Hispanic. She is African-American.

Where did Michelle Obama graduated from?

Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton University

What is the name of the current first lady?

Michelle ObamaMichelle Obama

What race is Michelle Obama?

Michelle Obama considers herself black.

What nicknames does Michelle Obama go by?

Michelle Obama goes by Mooch.

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