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£80 Pounds in the UK Im not sure how much it is in $

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Q: How much does Xbox live gold family pack cost?
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How much does a gold's gym family membership cost?

I believe that when you first buy the XBOX liv gold account, the price is $50. Every month, you pay $5. Annual cost together ($5x12) is $60. If you have an XBOX One (instead of XBOX 360) a single XBOX live (gold) account will grant gold access to every user.

What does a 1 year gold membership to Xbox live cost?

It cost $19.99 dollars.

Can a Xbox 360 play Xbox live gold?

Xbox Live gold is a way of getting xbox xbox live on your xbox. With xbox you can buy games, download gamer picturess, all of that stuff. Xbox Live gold is not a game.

How much is the internet cost per year for Xbox elite?

An Xbox Live 1-year Gold subscription is $50 (or £35 if you live in the UK).

Can you have two xbox 360s with one xbox live gold family pack?

Yes, if it is set up on one xbox and then the accounts are transferred to the other xbox.

Does it cost mony to jion Xbox live for Xbox 360?

When you make an account you will get live for one month free, after that month you get xbox live free which means you cant play online or join parties. But you can get xbox live gold by paying

How can you you get multiplayer on minecraft Xbox 360?

The only way you can be in multiplayer you have to get xbox live account then you have to get xbox gold for it (-you have to buy it) after you get xbox live you can add your friends but they have to have xbox live and xbox gold to play with you.

Can you get Xbox live if you have a computer and a Xbox 360?

Yes. But it can cost. Gold is 59.99. But you have to have an Ethernet cable, plug it to your 360, to your router, or get a wireless adapter, or get the new Xbox.

Does Costco sell xbox live?

Costco does indeed sell Xbox Live subscriptions. A recent ad showed a cost of about $50 for a 12 month Gold Membership.

Does a xbox 360 sliver membership cost?

No. Xbox live sliver membership is free. You will become a silver member after your gold membership has ended.

How do you use the family pack on XBOX live for multiple consoles?

How to join Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack:To sign up for a Gold Family Pack membership, you must be of adult age in your country (18 or older in the United States). The legal adult age varies by country and region.Sign in using your local profile.Select Join Xbox LIVE.Follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for Xbox LIVE.Under Subscription, select Family Gold. Note: If you do not see Family Gold, the Gold Family Pack might not be available in your area or the birth date you entered does not qualify as an adult account.After you join a Gold Family Pack membership, add Gold Family Pack members.If you have further questions, see the "related links" section below.

What is the average cost of the Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership Card?

The average cost of the XBOX Live 12 Month Gold Membership card is between $50 to $60, depending on where it is purchased. This provides the user access to XBOX features such as online multi-player and access to television and streaming services such as Netflix.