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Q: How much does Zayn of one direction weigh?
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Who is Zayn Malik of One direction?

He is zayn Malik from one direction

When was zayn born from one direction?

One Direction did not give birth to Zayn.

Who is the cutiest in One Direction?


Is Zayn Malik in one direction?

Yes, Zayn Malik is in One Direction (: ~A Directioner

How do you spell Zayn from one direction?


Who is Zayn Malk?

zayn is the cutest mamber of the boy band one direction

Is zayn in One Direction?

Yes, Zayn Malik is part of One Direction.

Does Zayn Malik from one direction have Instagram?

No, Zayn Malik does not have one.

What does Zayn in One Direction like?

zayn malik from one direction likes chicken.

Did Zayn Malik leave One Direction?

Yes, Zayn quit One Direction.

How old is Zayn J?

Zayn from One Direction is 19.

Is zayn dead from one direction?

No, Zayn Malik is not dead.

How old is zayn?

Zayn is 19 One Direction x

Who gave birth to zayn and hes from one direction?

Zayn's mom (Tricia Malik) gave birth to him. And yes, Zayn is in the band One Direction.

How much do One Direction weigh?

Louis weighs 27.9kg Harry weighs 30.6kg Niall weighs 24.7kg Zayn weighs 26.0kg Liam weighs 31.8kg

Is Zayn from One Direction married?


Where was zayn from One Direction from?


Is Zayn in One Direction is Islam?


Did zayn from one direction quit?


Out of Zayn and niall in one direction who do you think would top or be more dominate?

Out of Zayn and Niall in one direction, Zayn would top or be more dominate.

Who is hotter Harry or Zayn from one direction?

Definitely Zayn malik

Does any one direction members have earrings?

Yes is zayn

What is zayn last name from one direction?

His name is Zayn Milik.

Is Zayn Malik from one direction got a girlfriend?

No, Zayn does not have a girlfriend

What is Zayn from One Direction's full name?

Zayn Jawaad Malik