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anywhere from $1,000,000 to 1,200,000

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How much is a Ferrari enzo?

The Ferrari Enzo cost $650,000. Used Enzo's are usually more than that.

How much does Ferrari Enzo cost?


How much does a ferrai enzo cost?

A ferrari costs about 1,000,000 dollars.

How much does the Ferrari Enzo cost?

When the Enzo first came out they cost around $652,000, but now that Ferrari doesn't make them any more, they are hard to find, so they sell at about $1,000,000 at auction.

How much does a Ferrari enzo cost?

New? about $1,300,000 used? $800,000 - $1,000,000

How much does a gallon of gas cost for a Ferrari Enzo?

same as any car

How much does it cost to get leather seats in a Enzo Ferrari?

How much do you have? I may be able to make you a deal.

Who is better freccio lamborghini or enzo Ferrari?

enzo ferrari is much better than a lamborghini

How much is an enzo Ferrari?

A Ferrari Enzo costs $1,200,000 ,because of the fact there only 400 where built.

How much does Enzo Ferrari?


How much would an ferrari cost in Italy?

Like an enzo would cost like around 800,000 Italian money.

How much does a suicide hood cost on a Ferrari Enzo Review?

i dont know what you mean by suicide hood.

How much is Ferrari enzo in the UK?


How much is a 2012 Ferrari enzo?


How much horsepower does a Enzo Ferrari have?

About 800

Is Ferrari faster then bugatti?

No, Bugatti Veyron can reach 431km/h (267 mph) speed and cost much more than a ferrari Enzo

How much does a ferrari enzo cost when converted to rupees?

How Many Rupees?=I don't think they have made that many rupees !=

How much horsepower does a Ferrari enzo have?

663A Ferrari Enzo has 680hp at 7,800rpm giving it a top speed of over 350km/h (217mph).

How much does the enzo Ferrari weigh?

3009 pounds

Haow much does a Ferrari enzo cost?

$800,000 in US dollars or 1.5 million dollars also in US money.

How much does it cost for a Ferrari enzo?

Not made any more so it will cost you around 800,000 dollars if you can find one of the i think 30 made!

How much does a 2010 Ferrari Enzo cost?

They do not make enzo's no more they just built a specific number and be considered as a collective automobile.

How much is a new Ferrari enzo?

Good luck in finding a new one. They made a total of 400 from 2002 to 2004. When new they sold for $659,330 USD and were offered by invitation to existing Ferrari owners.

How much does Enzo Ferrari make a year?

Well considering that he isn't alive, none.

What is the horsepower of a ferreri?

It really depends on what kind of Ferrari you're talking about, the Enzo Ferrari for example is 580 horsepower, the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is exactly 532 horsepower. That is how much horsepower a Ferrari.