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How much does a 4 foot long standard pool noodle weigh?


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June 02, 2007 9:55PM

There is no standard "pool noodle." (A pool noodle -- some people call them "k'noodles" or "kanoodles" -- is a tubular pool toy madeof foam that provides flotation -- and can also be used to bludgeon people.) The one in my backyard weighs only a few ounces, but I didn't weigh it, because I have no scale that is capable of resolving to amounts as little as a fraction of an ounce -- or even a fraction of a pound. If you can get your hands on a postal scale, they are capable of measuring and resolving weights to the tenth of an ounce. You don't need to weigh the whole noodle, though. You could cut, say, one foot of a noodle and weight that. Then you'd no how much it weighs per foot.