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The total cost of buying a 9000 BTU ductless air conditioner ranges from $620 to $700. The cost of installation depends on the dealer or contractor you hire.

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What is some information about Ductless air conditioners?

Ductless air conditioners are those that fit into a window. They take in air and cool it, then a fan forces the cool air into a room. The average cost for a small ductless air conditioner is around $125.

How much will ductless air conditioning cost?

From my research a ductless air conditioning system will cost anywhere between 800 dollars and 1500 dollars depeding on what kinds you are looking for

It is possible to get a central air conditioner installed in my 1900 victorian home?

Of course it is. The unfortunate part is that because it is so historic, you will have to new duct work installed, which will cost you a lot of money.

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What is the cost of a ductless air conditioning system?

The cost of your ductless air conditioning system is going to depend on the size of the system. I found that single zone systems cost between $1100 and $1700 and the cost of multiple zone systems ranged from just over $2000 to close to $4000 (again depending on the number of zones).

You have an exterior garage that gets really cold in the winter and really warm in the summer Is there something you can buy to keep it around 60 degrees all the time?

you could install a ductless split system in the garage but why would you care if your garage is hot and cold? Its just a garage. Plus a ductless split system with cost a good amount. probably 3-5 grand installed.

What are the main benefits of ductless air conditioning?

There are many benefits of ductless air conditioning. They are easy to install, they do not take up too much space, they are easy to work, they are quiet, and they are cost effective.

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How much does a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner cost?

A Mitsubishi Air conditioner cost would vary depending on the size of the air conditioner unit. Small Mitsubishi Air Conditioners can cost $300, where bigger ones can cost several thousand dollars.

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Air conditioner service cost depends on the problems and materials use in changes.

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