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They can range from anywhere between about $800.00 badly equipped to up to about $2000.00 maybe even more, nicely equipped, my advice, if you're getting a desktop, is buy a cheaper brand first, then go to college and learn to build your own. Alienware is nice, but its also very expensive. You can configure a good laptop for around $1300.00 if that helps any.l

Alien Ware is like the abercrombie and fitch of the computer world... save your money. No respected tech would ever own an Alien Ware machine your only saying that your willing to spend more money on something that looks good but will probably be outperformed by a well built Compaq which is saying alot.

On the laptop end, Alienware is actually fairly priced when compared to other gaming laptops and Alienware tends to have the top-of-the-line offerings if you're willing to bust the bank.

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Q: How much does a Alien Ware laptop computer cost?
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How much does a Alien Ware laptop computer cost in Pesos?

The cheapest one the M14x sells for $999 or 12,845.85 MXN

What is the average cost of a computer in 2011?

For a low-end computer, about $300 for a desktop or netbook and $500 for a laptop. For a medium quality computer, about $1000 for a laptop or $600 for a desktop.

How does a computer cost?

Good computer=$500 Good laptop=$1000 Good Gaming computer=$3000

How much does a laptop computer cost in sierra Leone?


How much does a standard new laptop computer cost?

A standard new laptop computer costs approximately five hundred dollars. A more high end laptop with extra features will most likely cost you over one thousand dollars.

What is the average cost of a touch screen laptop computer?

The average cost of a touch screen laptop computer depends on which features you need. Operating system, RAM, screen size and software packages all factor into the final cost of a computer. Your best bet is to do some comparison shopping online to find the right price and features for your new touch screen laptop computer.

What is the best computer brand?

there is no correct answer for this, although there are general ones. depending on what you need the computer for different brands stand out. for example apple computers are recommended if you are in an artistic business such as video editing but are poor for other more memory intensive tasks and far more expensive. alien ware is considered the best for gaming and hp or acer are good ones for all around usage. I agree with the above, except alien ware computers are some of the best pre-built PC gaming machines you can find, but it is due to the hardware they install. While hp and acer install a more generic hardware brands to reduce cost, alien ware uses more big name brand hardware components and their computers are built for gaming, the price of alien ware computers also reflects this too. While hp and acer makes a great computer for someone's everyday use of surfing the internet and/or watching videos, If you want a really good gaming system, then you can either build your own with good name brand hardware at the specifications you desire or spend the money to buy an alien ware computer that is already built for you.

What is the xo computer?

The XO laptop is a rugged, low-cost laptop designed for use by children in developing countries.

How much money does an average laptop computer cost to run for a year?

Hmm. Some cost to 250$.

How much dose a computer cost?

it deepens on a laptop or a PC a laptop is around 500 $PC around 1000 dollars

What is the cost for 8GB of Ram?

The cost of 8GB of RAM depends on the speed of the ram, the vintage of the computer it will go into and of course whether it is for a laptop or desktop computer.

What was the price of first laptop?

osborn 1 the name of computer its cost is $1795

What is the best laptop computer and cost?

I think people can not really tell you what's the best laptop computer there is on the market. I think they just can given you the choice of what to pick from. One of which is apple.

How do you get activeprimary on your laptop?

You will need soft ware and down load programs. All so you need no money. First up load the soft ware program and then google active primary. Take a look at the results and the click the one that says active primary. Within about an hour soft wares and down load systems will be done loading and you may have active primary on your laptop or computer. If you do not have soft ware sockets three's not much you can do. Soft ware sockets at asda usually cost £10 so you can buy some cheap ones there or sainsburys are about a 5er.

How much does an HP laptop computer cost?

The cheapest HP laptop computer listed on their website is $529. They then range into the $1000s. It may be possible to obtain a cheaper HP laptop by buying a used model from a retailer such as eBay or Craigslist.

What is the best laptop computer under 500?

I recommend the Gateway laptop computer brand. They offer a variety of laptops in that price range that work just as well as laptops that cost hundreds more.

What are the best laptop computer prices?

The cost of a laptop depends on what you want to do with them. If you want a basic laptop with 1gb hard drive you should spend around $500.00. It all goes higher from there.

How much would a refurbished laptop cost?

There is no set price for a refurbished laptop because this would depend on the brand of the laptop and what kind of work was done to improve the machine.Generally,a refurbished laptop would cost between $150 and $400,but it could be more if the computer is a more expensive brand.

Are notebook computer and laptop computer the same?

Notebooks and Laptops are the same thing. Both words mean the same computer however a Netbook is where the difference is. A Netbook is usually a computer that has less hardware then the average laptop or notebook. Most Netbooks do not have a CDROM, they are smaller (7-12 inches) and they cost a lot cheaper then the average laptop.

How much does a standard Alien computer cost?

A standard Alienware desktop computer can cost from $600 upwards to beyond $2000 depending on the specifications needed. These prices do not include any customisations.

Finding the Right Laptop Computer Buy?

Have you been looking for the right laptop computer buy to fit your budget? When people look for new computer systems, they tend to have a particular price range in mind that they would like the product to fit within. If the cost is too expensive, they won't want to buy the laptop.

What is the average price of a new laptop computer?

A low-end laptop will cost from $350-$500. A mid-end laptop will cost from $550-$750. A high-end laptop costs $800 and up. These are the prices for PCs. A MacBook will cost over $1000 typically and is considered one of the best computers. HP computers for about $700 are also considered good.

What is a computer desktops How much does it cost?

A personal computer is a computer computer, in a form intended for regular use at a single location, as opposed to a mobile laptop or portable computer. Prices varied among producers.

How much does an IBM computer cost?

like 60$ but they're around 40 pounds if you want a laptop

How much do a roll laptop cost?

how much roll laptop cost