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How much does a Apprentice Mechanic earn?


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im a first year mechanic with a masive company .. so far i earn £125 a week plus overtime .. moneys bad for a while but goes up every year and when your qualified skys the limit....

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No, you get paid for the hours you stub, nothing more.

How much an automotive mechanic earns in Australia depends on their experience and where they work. If you a good mechanic you can earn more depending on where you are working and the terms of payment agreed upon between the two parties.

I live in ohio an i am head to school for diesel mechanic an i wonder how much would i make a year??

The United Parcel Service diesel mechanic is $38,000. The more time on the job, the more money they will earn.

What country are you talking about? And do you mean a first year apprentice, or a first year fully qualified mechanic?

It depends on what kind of education he or she has

How much an auto mechanic earns in Australia depends on their experience and where they work. Experienced auto techs can earn up t0 45k per year.

$0.52 After expenses, that is about right.

a mechanics starting salsry as an apprentice is 10 to 20 thousand a year

For a mature age 1st year apprentice mechanic (21years or older) the award rate is $12+ /hour.

A first year apprentice makes 50% of journeyman carpenters rate.

It depends. Chicago starts around $12.50. Journeyman makes about $31.

A union electrician starts at 19hr in nj locals

An electricians apprentice makes about 30,000 dollars a year. They typically earn about 30% less than a regular electrician who averages around 50,000 dollars.

On average, $3,000 a month with an average yearly salary of 36,000

depends ...what does ups stand for.. and i presume that is must be a lot

The average salary for a mechanic in Florida will vary depending on the company he works for and his experience. Most mechanics start out making about $15 an hour.

The pay will range heavily depending on your specialty and if you are a master mechanic or not. You can expect to earn between 40,000.00 and 70.000 per year as a harley mechanic.

Last year as a first year apprentice working 5 10's and a 8 I made $68,000.

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