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How much does a California traffic ticket cost for following to close to the car in front of you?

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I spent $150

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Can you get a ticket for following too close in California?

$120 in Sterling Heights, Michigan

How much is a following to close ticket in Georgia?

$382 in 2003.

How much is a Maryland traffic fine for following too close to a vehicle?


How much does a traffic ticket cost for following too close to a fire truck?

The actual dollar amount will vary by jurisdiction, but in relation to other vehicles, tailgating a fire truck will cost you much more. Emergency and police vehicles are given special protection in traffic.

Should you fight a failure to dim ticket if there was no traffic around you?

If the cop was close enough to see you had brights on, you were probably in the wrong.

How much do a following to close violation cost in Georgia?

$80-100 depending on the jurisdiction you are in when receiving the ticket.

If a traffic ticket in N.C is dismissed will there still be a court cost?

I've heard from two close friends that upon their case dismissals, there were NO court costs.

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Is it legal to drive through a red light when a 18 wheeler is in front of you and you cant see the color of the light due to his trailer?

No. Traffic violations are strict liability. Not knowing that the light was red or that the speed limit had dropped does not excuse you of these violations. If you were too close to the truck to see the traffic light, you could probably also be cited with Following Too Close.

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