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A Cervelo bicycle can vary in price depending on the model and condition such as whether it is new or used. One can buy a used Cervelo bicycle online at eBay for around $1004.

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Q: How much does a Cervelo bike cost?
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Where can a Cervelo r3 be purchased?

The best place to purchase a nice bike like a Cervelo r3 will be at your local bike shop. Due to its level of complexity and small market, not many stores will carry this bike.

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Cervelo is the world's best bike in all time and it has been for a very long time it is also a very hot favourite bike. Cervelo , among all has come out to be the leader in the world knowone has beaten this extraordinary bike.

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my thruster bike cost is $80

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Where can one find Cervelo road bikes?

Cervelo road bikes can be found at any bicycle shop. The Schwinn bicycle shop carries only German made bicycles and will not carry the Cervelo road bikes. Therefore the shopper for the Cervelo road bikes should visit the local motorcycle shop and inquire about the availability.