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The Ferrari 458 Italia costs $229,832

The Ferrari 599 costs $320,580

The Ferrari 599 GTO costs $410,000

The Ferrari California costs $195,840

The Ferrari FF costs $295,000
Brand New- Somewhere in between 150,000$-1,200,000$

Used- Depending on Year-Model-Body Type-Trim-Kms (miles).
Anywhere from 30 grand used to millions of dollars for some rare models
Depends on what model you are looking at, the cheapest come under 50,000k, if you are looking at a brand one it starts from about 500,000k, if you are looking at classics you can find cars over 12,000,000k.
Cheape ones and look alikes are about 40-50k, but not worth it even if you could afford, they are very high theft items and associated with drug dealers etc,expensive to insure, repair, not the most reliable, since built for speed they are more trouble than they are worth (IMO)

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Q: How much does a Ferrari cost?
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