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Q: How much does a Kenmore 13.7 upright freezer weigh?
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How much does a Kenmore 13.2 cubic foot freezer weigh?

175 lbs

What are some of the pros and cons for chest versus upright freezers?

The pros of a chest freezer is that it can store more food in it. However, the con is that takes up more room than an upright freezer. A con of an upright freezer is that it doesn't have as much space as a chest freezer.

How much does a freezer weigh?

depends on the size of freezer.

How much meat can the Avanti Avanti 2.9 cu ft. Upright Freezer hold?

The Avanti 2.9 cu ft. Upright Freezer has 2.9 cubic feet of storage space.

Why is it not vital to keep the lid of a chest freezer closed?

Any freezer needs to be kept closed as much as possible if you wish for it to remain cold. However a chest freezer will not warm up as fast as an upright freezer. This is because the cold air in the freezer is heavier than the air outside of the freezer. When you open an upright freezer the cold air "falls" out, this can't happen with a chest freezer.

Do chest freezers hold more food than an upright?

Chest freezers for hold more then an upright freezer. The space in an upright freezer is significantly smaller than that of a chest freezer since an Upright freezer is both a fridge and a freezer.

How much do Kenmore vacuums typically cost?

A Kenmore vacuum's cost can vary depending on the type of vacuum chosen. Sears is currently selling a Kenmore Intuition upright vacuum for $291.52 while the Kenmore Progressive vacuum is currently selling for $364.40. Someone can expect to pay at least a few hundred for one.

How much does an old upright piano weigh?

An old upright piano weighs between 300 and 500 pounds.

How much do freezers weigh?

How much does a free standing large commercial freezer weigh? Something maybe about 3 feet by 7 feet? Cybercyn

About how much does a Stark upright piano weigh it is 52 long 42 high 44 deep?

The weight of a piano can vary greatly. A 52 inch long and 42 inch high Stark upright piano will weigh between 300 and 500 pounds.

How do you add freon to an upright freezer and how much?

You don't. To charge any refrigeration system you must be EPA certified, both to buy the refrigerant and to use it. Call a appliance repair company.

Kenmore model 83 117.831what year madeHow much is it worth?

How much is kenmore model 83 worth