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A new HD television costs anywhere from $497.99 for a 40" Samsung HD Television. and they can go up to $2297.99 for a 65" Samsung LED 3D HDTV. There are also televisions that cost any of the prices in between. In searching, one could find a Vizio 70" LED TV for 1849.99

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The cost of an LCD HD TV can vary depending on the manufacturer, quality, and size, and other variables. Low-end televisions will cost about 400 dollars while high end models can cost as much as 3000.

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Q: How much does a LCD HD tv cost?
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How much does an average cost HD projector cost?

Average HD projectors are currently comparable in price to most LCD or plasma televisions.

what is the average cost of a 42 inch lcd hd tv?

The average cost of a 42 inch LCD hd tv is anywhere from 800 dollars to 1500 dollars. It all depends on where you buy it and when you buy it and if you have coupons or deals.

What is HD LCD?

HD LCD is a type of T.V HD - High Definition LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

Which are the best TVs?

Haier 39 inches L39Z10A Full HD LCD TV, Samsung 32 inches LA32E420 HD LCD TV and Panasonic 24 inches TH-L24C5D HD LCD TV are best among LCD Tv's.

What is better LCD or HD televisions?

HD is way better.

How much Electric is used by a HD TV on Average?

for HD LCD TV---- approx. 20W per hour for HD LED TV---- approx. 04W per hour

Can I plug my laptop into a sony lcd hd tv.?

A Sony LCD HD TV can be plugged into a laptop. You need a HDMI cable in order to do this.

Who sells a cheap LCD TV HD online?

An inexpensive LCD HD TV can be bought just about anywhere. Make a decision on how big you want this TV to be and where it will be located. Also make sure to figure out how much money you are willing to spend.

How is the picture quality of the LCD TV?

depends on if its full hd or hd ready

Where can one find information regarding full HD LCD TVs?

There are various places one can find information regarding full HD LCD TVs. One can go to their local library and borrow books on HD LCD TVs. Alternatively, the website "Which" also have a great article explaining about LED, LCD and plasma TVs.

How much do lcd hd tv sets cost?

Depending on size LCD HDTVs can cost anywhere from 129$ for a smaller model to 6000$ for a huge sized and brand name set. It's possible to buy floor models from big box stores for a smaller price however.

Which is more clear an lcd or HD tv?

LCD and HD are not comparable. HDTV is a high-resolution format that can be played on plasma TVs, LCD TVs, LED LCD TVs, and so on. To ask which is more clear is like asking "Which has better sound, a CD or a CD player."