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How much does a LG Rumor touch cost?

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Sprint - $29.99. look at the website

Virgin Mobile - $149.99

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lg rumor touch definately much easier to use and awesome features

the rumor touch does have a touch screen.

how do i unfreeze a lg rumor touch that when i turn it on only the rumor touch pops up and says please waitin and thats the onlt thing that happens

Usually, a new LG Rumor Touch only comes with a manual, the phone, and the wall charger

From what I understand, The Rumor Touch does not use a SIM card.

You may obtain access to a user manual for the LG Rumor Touch on the LG website, Virgin Mobile USA ( and Sprint ( provide access to user guides on their websites.

If you\'re with Sprint and have an LG Rumor, but want the HTC Touch Pro 2, the cost may vary. It is best to check with your local Sprint store to see how much time is remaining on your current contract and if they are running any promos.

I have an LG Rumor Touch also, and i asked the same question, but you simply can't. I've check multiple times. There's just no way to do it.

Yes, you can connect to facebook on a LG rumor touch. The phone does have problems with connecting to facebook. You can download a three party app to your phone.

No , The Rumor Touch doesnt have an app store to be able to buy Temple Run .

I read online that it is coming out in March.

depending on wich plan you have

LG cookies from Tesco cost about £60 ! :P

yea you can. its simple, go to google and type in lg rumor touch owners. there should be a page similar to what i wrote and they will help you. this phone is worth the money

The price supposedly is $149 for the Lg Banter.

YES the palm pre is going to be bettER THEN THE RUMor mostly because of the touch screen

Sprint and LG are working together on this one. Here is their post Yes it does come in red and looks great too.

check out the lg rumor touch. it is $20.00 and it is sprint

i have an LG 260 and my friend has an LG RUMOR and i think the only difference is the name lol. Seriously

I Have Sprint so would have to pay an extra $10 a month and i am 14 with no job

You can find the LG rumor touch phone at any virgin mobel store. You can also find it on it features a 3" screen and qwerty keyboard. It allows easy acces to twitter and facebook

one million $ nope it cost more that one million it costs all yo momma's money

YeA just look up how to on YouTube I did and it worked:)

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