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How much does a pilort earn per month in s,a


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how much does a psychology earn per month? how much does a nurse earn per month?

Mining Engineers earn $180,000-$200,000 per month.

Lionel mess earn 29 million euros per month....

about 15k a month to 22k a month

about 2000 usd per month.

a new architect can earn about R200 000 per year which is about R16 500 per month

R145,000.00 per month .

R550,000.00 per month.

It would roughly earn you:- £22,100 Per Day £672,800 Per Month £8,073,000 Per Annum

12,000 a month it includes the bank

certificate is $95000per monthdegree is $150000 per monthmasters is $185000 per month

A Security guard will earn 2000/ Dh per month from the month of July 2009.

A biotechnologist in South Africa may earn an average of 27,641 ZAR per month. One may earn as low as 11,000 ZAR to as much as 100,000 ZAR.

On average, a veterinarian can expect to earn around $7500 per month; this is based upon an annual salary of $90,000.

he gets paid 11 million a month


RD earn R7000.00 per month after deductions

In a private firm, it is about $6500 per month, but in a partner firm it is around $8500 per month.

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