How much does a bottle of whiskey weigh?


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It depends on how big the bottle is.

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well how much is a bottle of house of commons whiskey worth??

how much does a bottle of 30 year old bottle of jack daniels whiskey sour mash cost

Over one half of the retail purchase price of a typical bottle of whiskey consists of taxes.

there is no whay to tell in less you have the name of the bottle

There are about 635 calories in a medium bottle of whiskey.

I bought a purple glass pumpkin seed whiskey bottle for $25. Price probably varies by color.

AA on a whiskey bottle stands for "Ancient Age". On the whiskey bottle also reads "federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle"; this bottle is usually amber in color.

I am not sure on value but whiskey does not age on the bottle... it taste tge same as they day it was bottled sorry

On average 10 empty bottle weigh 1 pound

Whiskey and other distilled spirits are heavily taxed. In the U.S., over half the retail cost of the typical bottle of whiskey consists of taxes.

it would depend on the size of the bottle

It is hard to say how much an empty water bottle might weigh because bottles can be made out of different materials. On average they weigh about 12 grams.

very loooooong....AnswerA bottle of whiskey can last up to about 20 years or so AnswerIt depends on your customers. I used to go to this one bar that served so much whiskey they didn't buy it in bottles...did you know you can get tanks of whiskey? They did. Answer:If the consumers are good friends, and they have the time and inclination, a bottle of GOOD wiskey generally lasts only about one evening.

About $18 around local liquor stores in TX.

a kokanee beer bottle cap is 2.3 grams

How much does an empty twelve ounce beer bottle weight

Why would you want to? Tennessee has the best whiskey!

That depends on the amount of water and what type of bottle it was in. Although it would be the weight of the bottle + the weight of water.

An average plastic bottle weighs about 19 grams when its empty.

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