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How much does the cheapest cardboard lunch tray cost?

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How much does an average lunch cost?

It is about $2.25.

How much does a lunch cost?

It depends on where you live, and how much food your lunch has in it.

How much does average lunch cost in US?

80$ a meal if you have a son like John Greer

How much everyday lunch cost?

Lunch costs on an average in America, around 10 dollars a day. School lunches for children average 5 dollars a day. Fast food and sandwiches are popular choices for lunch.

How much does a plastic lunch tray cost on average?

Purchased in bulk, plastic lunch trays such as the ones used in schools cost about $4.25 each. Purchased individually, they can run from $8.00 to $16.00.

What is cost saving?

If something is saving cost it means that you are not spending as much money. Packing a lunch is cost saving because you are not spending as much money to eat lunch out.

How much does the average dragon weigh?

It depends on who he had for lunch!!

How much does a styrofoam lunch tray cost on average?

You can buy a box of 500 trays for about US$25, meaning they cost around 5 cents each. (The cost to the environment, of course, is much higher, as they lie in landfill for hundreds of years.)

How much does a business lunch cost?

approx $250-500

How much do styrofoam lunch trays cost?

Around $0.05

How much did cardboard records cost in 1930s?

Cardboard records, first sold as the "Hit of the Week" series by Durium Records starting in 1930, cost only 15 cents each.

How much does cardboard cost?

Cardboard is actually inexpensive because it is being recycled on a regular basis. If a person needs cardboard boxes, a store will usually give them away for free. Boxes for shipping and packing that are sold in stores average about $13 for a 1/2 dozen good, sturdy boxes for moving.

How much do school lunch programs cost?

The cost depends on the school, area, and type of food served. Average public school lunches are usually around 2-3 dollars a day.

How much did a average car cost in 1996?

how much did an average car cost in 1996?

How much does a lunch cost in NY?

This depends on where you go for lunch. It can range from free, to over $100 for 2 people depending on where you go.

How much does an average mp3 player cost today?

On average they cost about $40.

How much does an average duplex cost?

how much does the avg duplex cost

what is average cost of dentures?

Full set in my experience is 2,00 dollars more or less what is average cost of dentures how much for a dentures what average cost of dentures how much for top plates WHAT IS THE COST OF DENTURES what is the a average cost of dentures? what is the average cost of dentures What is the average cost of dentures, including extraction of teeth.? Do you do everything in your office? how much are just dentures I have no idea. what is the average cost of denture COST OF COMPLETE UPPER DENTURE cost of lowers only including extractions? I would like all price information how much does a top plate cost what is cost of dentures upper/lowers

How much does Genghis grill cost?

$8.99 for lunch $11.99 for unlimited bowl (lunch) $10.99 for dinner $13.99 for unlimited bowl (dinner)

How much does lunch meat cost?

Last time I bought it, about a year ago, 1.98 a can.

How much does a free lunch cost?

fifty five bucks and 72 cents mate

How much is the average cost of a pizza cost?


How much time does the average person wait on line to buy breakfast and lunch?

it matters how much people are there

How much does a new car cost on average?

How much does a new car cost?

How much does a polystyrene lunch tray cost on average?

$.047 is what I hear the Portland, Oregon school district pays. can supply them at that price with an additive that makes them biodegrade in landfills.

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