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I think a child learns so much things from their parents! They learn how to walk and talk and read from them!

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โˆ™ 2011-04-24 23:33:13
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Q: How much does a child learn from there parents?
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Do parents know some things that children shouldn't?

Well it depends, sometimes the parents are dumber than the child, and other times it's switched around. A child can learn as much as they want to, and shouldn't be constrained just because they are a child.

All parents should learn what kind of CPR?

All parents should learn Adult, Child, and Infant CPR. Adult to help spouse & friends; Child to help children; and Infant to help grandchildren.

Which question is most important to developmental psychology?

how much do parents influence who a child becomes

Is there a law that says your child has to do homework?

There is on rule but child will learn by doing their homework and their parents will also understand the problem or mistake by which their child child can improve their study

What do parents have to do when a child wants to drop out of school?

Parents have to persuade the child that school is a great place to learn and relax. They go more easy on their child and try to soothe her/him that school is a proper and healthy enviorment for a child to grow.

Is it safe to have a child if both parents are 0 negative?

Can parents with both negative blood have a child and how much of a chance for that child having a dissabillity

Tell us how you learn about music?

One will learn about music slowly, and probably first from their parents. As a child grows older, he will learn about music from the media or from his peers.

If parents are strict will there children misbehave more when out of sight compared to if there parents werent strict?

I believe this is very much true. If the parent never let their child make their own mistakes they can never learn from them. Where as, a parent that doesn't hover lets their child make those mistakes and they learn from them rather than being tempted to do them even more.

Is holiday homework for children or parents?

Homework is supposed to be for the child to help them learn the material better.

Why should your child model?

That is up to the parents to decide for their child but oftentimes parents have their kids model because it allows them to make money, which can be used for college or the child's savings as well as an outlet for their child to become famous if they do really well. Some parents believe it teaches their child self confidence and how to learn responsibility.

Why is the practitioner should develop and maintain appropriate relationships with a child's parents and other professionals involved with the child?

So the child can learn and gain advantages from the relationships.

How much do parents influence their children?

Parents are the biggest influence on a child. The parent that the child is with the most, the child will act like them the most. When a parent does something mean or rude or they cuss then the child thinks its okay to do that, which its not. The child is with there parents the most, therefore the parents have a huge influence on their children

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