How much does a chocolate bar cost in christchurch in newworld?

It is important to first understand exactly what brand of chocolate bar you are in fact referring to, as chocolate bars are now manufactured by many different companies, since chocolate has become a delightfully popular favourite with so many people of all ages and genders right across the face of the earth. This can greatly effect the overall cost of the end-product, as some companies sell their chocolate bars to stores at a much higher cost, which is a mere reflection of their own expense to produce the chocolate bar, understandably. After that information is disclosed we need to know just what "size" chocolate bar you are inquiring about, because as you may already realise, chocolate bars come in a rather huge range of many different sizes and shapes. The selection is wonderful, imaginative and pure pleasure when viewing chocolate en masse with the intention of purchasing a bar (or two!) Then of course we need to know what flavour you would like to purchase, as some flavours are more costly than others due to the difference in ingredients, flavours and of course, the availability and cost-effectiveness of the ingredients at the actual time of manufacturing. Of course, once all these details have been noted, you will need to hope that you can in fact get that particular item from a New World store, as most New World stores don't tend to stock as many kinds of chocolate bars as some of the larger more popular grocery stores around Christchurch. So after all that, I'm afraid that your question is a rather difficult one to answer, not from ignorance, but more from a lack of information. I hope this answer has helped you!