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about £60,000 a year within 3 years of graduation

The above is not necessarily true. In the UK criminal law is funded via the legal aid system, which means lawyers are often paid a reduced fee, which consequently impacts on salaries. Even in London a criminal lawyer may never make £60,000 a year unless they become an equity partner or unless they are doing a substantial amount of out of hours duty work representing detained persons in a police station to subsidise their basic salary. A more likely figure is £35k-£40k 3 years after qualifying.

In the US, a criminal defense lawyer can expect to start off earning $35-45K as a public defender, or slightly more with a firm. Depending on their experience and history, a seasoned (15-20 yrs) criminal defense attorney can earn anywhere from $60-200K, depending on where he/she works.


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Q: How much does a criminal lawyer make?
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A criminal defense lawyer represents people who are accused of committing a crime. The criminal defense lawyer's function is to make sure that the government proves its case against his client according to law ensuring that his client is afforded all of the protections the laws and Constitutions of the Federal and State government provide. A criminal defense lawyer will make every effort to have his client found not guilty of the charges whether his client is or is not guilty of the crime charged. Even if a client admits to a defense lawyer that he or she is guilty, the defense lawyer must try to have the client found not guilty.

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As a criminal defense lawyer at Barhoma Law P.C. California, I can say that being a criminal defense lawyer is good. We help innocent people wrongly accused of crime with our close evidence examination and case studies.

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