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Ken Hellevang, from the University of North Dakota says:

"The weight of snow varies greatly. Light fluffy snow may only weigh about seven pounds per cubic foot. More average snow may weigh 15 pounds per cubic foot and drifted compacted snow may weigh 20 pounds or more..."

Let's figure this out...

There are 7.48 gallons per cubic foot of water - that's about 62.4 pounds.

For Wet Snow

Let's say wet snow would be equivalent to 1" of rain or 5" of snow, you would get a resulting 62.4/5 = 12.5 pounds.

For Light, Fluffy Snow

Let's say fluffy snow would be equivalent to 2.5" of water and 12" snow, you would get 62.4/12 = 5.2 pounds.

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Q: How much does a cubic foot of snow weigh?
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How much does snow weigh?

It depends on how much you have!! One shovelful of snow, for example, weighs less than the amount of snow on your driveway. I suspect what you are really asking is not how much snow weighs but how much it weighs per cubit foot or cubic yard. Weight per unit volume is called density. But even that is tricky with respect to snow. The density of snow varies greatly. Lightly packed powder weighs very little per cubic foot, whereas slushy, wet snow can weigh over 62 pounds per cubic foot -- about the density of water.

How much oxygen is in one cubic foot of snow?

Snow is not uniform for density so you would have to weigh the cubic foot you are interested in. Each pound or kilogram would be composed of 1/9 hydrogen and 8/9 oxygen (by mass) since the molecular weight of water is 18, the atomic weight of hydrogen is 1 and the atomic weight of oxygen is 16. Based on 1 cubic foot of snow being about 10% the weight of a cubic foot of water, it would weigh approximately 6.25 pounds and contain about 5.56 pounds of oxygen.

How much does 1 foot of snow weigh?

5 pounds

How much does a cubic foot of snow weigh melted?

Melted snow is water. Water, because it is a liquid, is hard to weigh as you normally only weigh solids. Liquids would have to be measured litres or gallons. So the answer to that question would depend on how much snow had actually melted- eg. 12% ice and 78 % is water and 10% is debris caught in the snow as it fell

Weight of a cubic foot of snow?

Light, fluffy snow may way about 7 pounds per cubic foot. Average snow may way about 15 cubic foot. Drifted compact snow may way 20 pounds or more.

How much to pay for snow cleaning?

It cost me $12.62 per cubic foot removed

How much would 100 cubic feet of snow weigh?

That depends on the moisture content of the snow. A fluufy snow has about 1/10 water content and a heavy snow coul dhave 1/2 water content. Since q water weighs 62.4 pounds per cu ft then 100 cu ft iof water weighs 6240 pounds. A cubic foot of snow would weigh from 624 pounds to 3120 pounds, roughly.

If you have a 1500 sq ft home and there is 1 ft of snow on the roof how much weight is on the roof?

You need to know how much a cubic foot of snow weighs. It depends on the sort of snow. There is 1500 cu ft of snow on the roof.

How much does a square foot of snow weigh?

A square foot of snow does not have a weight: the depth of the snow is needed to give the weight because weight relates to the volume of snow. Even if you know the depth of the snow, say a foot, giving a cubic foot of snow, there is a wide range of possible weights because snow can vary in density depending on whether it is lightly or densely packed.The range of density of snow compared to the density of water can vary from 100:1 (for snow that is 100 times less dense or heavy than the equivalent volume of water) to 3:1.A more common density might be around 12:1.Water has a mass of 1kg/L so for a cubic metre (1000L) of snow, the mass could be anything in the range of 10kg to 333kg.Keeping that in mind, a foot of snow would be about 6.75lb to 223.82lb.The weight of snow can not be answered based on an area of a square foot of snow: the volume is required. It also depends on the kind of snow it is. Example- packing snow will have a different weight (because of its density) than other kinds of snow.A square foot is a measure of area, not volume. So the answer depends on two things. One is the depth, which will give us the volume, and the other is the density of the snow, which tells us how much weight there is per volume. Unpacked, fresh fallen snow can have a density roughly of only 5% of water. That will not have much depth, however. As snow packs it can get to 30% of the density of water, so a square foot of snow one foot deep (a cubic foot) might weigh roughly twenty pounds. With more packing and passage of time this might go up to thirty pounds per cubic foot. Finally, the snow can be compressed to become ice (with a lot of air inclusions), and this might be as more than fifty pounds per cubic foot.

What does a cubic yard of average moisture snow weigh?

The density of snow is variable. Wet snow or firn has a density which is almost 10 times that of freshly fallen flakes. Depending on its densit, a cubic yard of snow could weigh between 6700 poundals and 53800 poundals.

How much snow is heavy snow?

when their is a foot of snow

How much water is in one cubic foot of snow?

18 cups, 4.5 quarts. A good average to figuring out snow to water ratio is 12-1. So there 1/12 of a cubic foot of snow will be the volume of water. An ounce is 1 inch sq. 12x12 is 144 cubic inches of water. 144 divided by 8 ounces to a cup is 18 cups. There fore 4.5 quarts.

How much snow leopards weigh?

They weigh 77-120 lbs.

How much does a snow monkey weigh?


How many gallons of water is in one cubic foot of compacted snow?

If it's heavily compacted snow, then one cubic foot weighs in at about 25 lbs. At 8 lbs to the quart, you are looking at less than a gallon of water. Closer to 3 quarts of water.

How much do snow tigers weigh?

When studying animals it is important to find out how much an animal can weight. A snow tiger can weigh up to 660 pounds.

How much does a baby snow leopard weigh at birth?

A snow leopard might weigh one to five or four lbs

How nuch does a cubic meter of snow weigh?

A cubic metre of ice weighs 0.8 ton. Snow has a very variable density that depends on how closely it is compacted, but the top limit is the same as ice, 0.8 ton.

How much nitrogen is in a cubic foot of snow?

That's going to depend on the density, i.e. the water content of the snow. Themore dense snow will have less nitrogen, since there's no nitrogen in water at all,only in the air, of which there's more in fluffy snow than in the heavier kind.

How much does a snow leapord weigh?

150 kg

How much snow will cancel your flight?

about one foot

How much snow is needed to build a thirty six foot snowman?

1,000,000,000kg of snow

How much did the snow weigh that collapsed the Metrodome?

The Teflon-coated fiberglass of the roof covers about 10 acres and weighs over 580,000 pounds according to the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission website.Snow is tough to call but a rule of thumb figure is 10 cubic inches of snow equal one cubic inch of rain. There are 6,272,640 square inches per acre. 1728 cubic inches per cubic foot. A cubic foot of pure water weighs a bit over 62.4 pounds.If there were about 10 inches of snow across the roof, then each inch of roof area would equal a cubic inch of water making 3630 cubic feet per acre weighing roughly 225,000 pounds or over 100 tons per acre.Looking at it, the dome obviously didn't get a uniform coverage of 10 inches (although I understand the Minneapolis metro area got 17" of snow) much less a uniform coverage at all and I don't know enough about how snow sticks to a Teflon dome that maintains a internal temperature of 50 degrees to say much more than that.The dome went up in Oct. of '81 and suffered snow tears in '81, '82, and '83 that I can find but I don't see any issues for the Halloween blizzard of '91 that dropped almost 28 and a half inches of snow.

How much does a snow leopard cub weigh?

snow leopards cubs weight is up to 30g

How much does a shovel-full of snow weigh?