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How much does a cup of coffee cost in US?

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Well, it depends where you go to get your coffee. If you go to a fast food place it will cost around 79 cents up to $1.50. If you go to Starbucks it might be a little more. Starbucks would cost about $2.50 to $5.00. It depends what size you get.

The National Average is $1.38/cup. The American coffee drinker consumes 3.2 cups per day!

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How much does an average cup of coffee cost in Romania?

From 0,5 US $ to 3 US $

How much does a cup of coffee cost in Mexico?

Between US$0.36 (any street vendor) and US$3.5 (Starbucks) depending on brand, size and quality of the coffee.

How much does the Budom Chambord 8 cup coffee press cost?

The Budom Chambord 8 cup coffee press costs between $39.99-$50.00(All prices are in US Dollars). The price depends on which retailer you decide to purchase from.

1959 price of a cup of coffee in US?

In 1955 you could get a good cup of coffee for 35 cents.

How much does a pound of coffee cost in colombia?

I guess depends on what kind of coffee are you buying and where are you buying it. But is not that expensive as if you buy it here in the US.

How much does 1lbs of coffee cost?

It depends on qualityof coffee, it is ground or whole coffee beans as well as from where does it come from could be be from US$8.25 and up. Posted by Samantha Seeboonruang

How much coffee to water ratio?

While the coffee to water ratio is subject to personal preference, there are standards. For a single cup of coffee (8 ounces) you would us 8 ounces of water to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee.

Where does the US get its coffee from?

Much of the coffee imported to the US comes from Central and South America.

Why do people call a cup of coffee a cup of Joe?

The strongest drink available on board navy ships was coffee. It was dubbed "a cup of Joe" after the secretary. It also refers to the GIs' favorite drink. During World War II, the US defense workers were supplied with as much coffee as they wanted. Coffee was a source of warmth and comfort for troops. A variation is that "a cup of Joe" is the average drink of the average man. There was a New York company named Martinson's Coffee owned by a man named Joe Martinson. The neighborhood of the company would be saturated by the aroma of roasting coffee, and coffee became known as "a cup of Joe."

458 ml equals how many cups of coffee?

1.93 cup1 US cup = 236.58 ml 1 ml = 0.0042 US cup 1 metric cup = 250 ml

How much is 175gr in us cup?

That is 0.775 of a cup.

How much for a can of coffee in the US?

Approximately $8.00.

What should you name your coffee shop?

Here are a few ideas* Hot to go*Coffee to go*Coffee is us*I luv coffee*c-o f-f-e-e coffee is for me*Creamy in a cupThe Buzzy Bean

How much milk is in the average cup of coffee?

Going on the theory that we no longer use those "standard" kind of medium coffee mugs but rather the big mac daddy mugs to give us that caffeine fix we so badly need, we are pouring 1/4 cup of milk into our coffee. POSSIBLY a HAIR more but not enough to worry about if you are counting calories the a coffee with "the pink sweetner" and 1/4 cup of non fat milk is 22 to 23 calories.

How many tbsp salt does it take to make a cup?

A US cup is equal to 16 tablespoons (of whatever: salt, coffee, molasses, dirt...).

1 cup is equal to how many tablespoons?

The answer here is valid for the USA / USA measurements. Two tablespoons = 1/8 cup = traditional "scoop of coffee" for brewing one cup. Therefore, 16 US tablespoons = 1 US cup.

Is Brazil produce much coffee than the US?

Brazil produces more coffee than any country in the world. The US does not produce very much at all.

How much does 200009000 rupies cost in us?

How much does 200009000 rupies cost in us?"

How much is 1 cup in oz's?

1 US cup = 8 US fluid ounces

How much of a cup is 200ml?

200mL equates to about 0.8453 US cups or 84.53% of a US cup.

How much does 1 cup of flour cost in NJ US?

A 5lb bag of flour is about $2.75. There are about 18 cups of flour in a five pound bag. Divide the cost 2.75 by the number of cups (18) and the answer is about 15 cents per cup.

How much militers are in a cup?

1 US cup = 236.588237 ml

How much it cost to get a Mazda furai sent to the us?

HOw much it cost to get a mazda furai to the us

In 8 ounce cup of hot coffee how many milliliters?

8 US fluid ounces = about 236.6 mL

How much ml in 1 cup?

1 US cup = 236.588237 ml