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Hennessey Performance has twin turbo packages available for the Dodge Viper, although the Ram only has minor bolt ons.

A test mule was used by the company to showcase a variant of the 800hp version of the Viper's kit inside the Ram, and the price tag was approximately $39,500. Transmission upgrades to handle the power came to $48,150. A few other additions to the truck brought the total modifications to $106,855 (in addition to the $50k price of the truck).

These are prices as of 2005 (Hennessey does not list prices on their site), so expect some adjustment for inflation. Additionally, HP claims to have upgrade packages to support 2000hp, however only 1000hp examples are seen on the site. The price does come with a limited warranty, and while not a true one-off custom, the Hennessey brand does more than enough R&D to guarantee reliability, whereas a smaller shop may not be able to put forth the research funds.

You have to pay to play, and it doesn't get much more expensive than a V10 - unless you start talking Novitec's V12 packages for Ferrari.

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Q: How much does a custom turbocharger cost on a V 10?
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