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From about £25,000 started salary to £160,000-ish for a consultant.

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in England a fully qualified doctor after they have doe all there studies and specialised in a certain area I think it is a minimum of about £80,000

They get paid £30,000

the queen of England does earn a lot but not that much!!

A doctor or surgeon will typically earn a six figure salary in the United States. These surgeons can earn $200,000 dollars or more a year.

a pediatric doctor? depends in what country. I am a pediatric doctor

the doctor earns 500,0000 a year

Doctors earn quite a lot of money. it depends on what kind of doctor or nurse you are. For a surgeon you can earn to a maximum of 195,000. Which i squite alot of money...

How much are doctors in Zombabwe paid

Usually a psychologist will earn an average wage of

Don't you mean earn, not do

There has not been a Queen (or King) of England since the year 1707.

There has not been a Queen, or King, of England since 1707.

A forensic scientist would probably earn about £200,000 a year

it would depend on what the doctor does. if they do plastic surgery then they would earn more that a pediatrician. also it depends on which state they live in and where they work.

To become a doctor, you will need to earn a mark of 90% or over.

Private or state employed, and in which country?

That depends on how much you earn, what other income you have, and your deductions. The answer varies from one person (doctor) to the next.

a pediatric doctor earns between 120- 150 k per year

A foot doctor is known as a podiatrist. The salary they earn will vary depending on location and experience. The average podiatrist salary is $179,923 per year.

A pharmacist graduates with license can earn around 100k per annum starting...

average salary is $37000-$45000

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