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How much does a family doctor earn per year?


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year in total


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the doctor earns 500,0000 a year

Don't you mean earn, not do

there earn 6667 a mothly and 80000 a year

Doctors can earn anywhere from $156,000 a year to well over $300,000 a year depending on their specialty.

A doctor or surgeon will typically earn a six figure salary in the United States. These surgeons can earn $200,000 dollars or more a year.

a doctor receives at an average 185-500 thousand dollars per year

Depends on the doctor, large practice? small? speciality? Usually at least a 100,000 a year

it would depend on what the doctor does. if they do plastic surgery then they would earn more that a pediatrician. also it depends on which state they live in and where they work.

a pediatric doctor earns between 120- 150 k per year

six thousand chicken heads every year.

Depends on what hospital and in what year of residency the doctor is in. But somewhere between 50-60 thousand per year.

How much money does a ethiopan family get a year

A foot doctor is known as a podiatrist. The salary they earn will vary depending on location and experience. The average podiatrist salary is $179,923 per year.

about 1 million dollars per year

how much dose kenya earn in a year

in austrlian money Save $1.1 million a year

A Pediatric Doctor earns approximately $142,585 a year. Rates of pay would vary from country to country and are also dependant on experience and qualificiations.

They earn about $14,000 a year.

THEY EARN £100,000,000,000,000,000 A YEAR

in England a fully qualified doctor after they have doe all there studies and specialised in a certain area I think it is a minimum of about £80,000

How much money does an electrician earn in a year in Australia

babysitters earn £10,000 a year kukenyen =)

babysitters earn 10,000 a year Kukenyen =)

Well, you need to know what kind of doctor, and which hospital. But if you mean the one that does surgery, he would get about $500,000 a year if he is good. This only my opinion.

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