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How much does a girl have to weigh to be obese?


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That depends on her age, height, Nationality, genetics...


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To be considered obese for a 5'5 girl, you would have to weigh about 180 pounds or over.

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over 200 pounds if you are if you weigh 180-199 you are almost there but below 160 you are fine

I'm sorry, but I think you might have a change of being obese.

The average girl your age weighs for 16-20Kg. If you happen to weigh more than this i predict that you may be morbidly obese.

underweight:51 normal:62 overweight:73 obese:102 severely obese:127

A girl who stands 5 feet 6 inches tall at 14 years old should weigh between 118 pounds to 148 pounds. She would be considered obese at or above 186 pounds.

There are different levels of obesity used in the medical community. Obese, super obese, morbid obese. Anything past 145 for the height will put the individual in one of the categories.


not obese but a bit overweight - I'm a 13 year old girl 5'2 and I weigh 112 lb

The best way to tell if your son is obese is to weigh him and compare his weight to average weights, which can be found on the Internet. Though weights vary, if your son is obese, his weight will be much higher than the average weights.

In order for a person to be considered as being morbidly obese, they would have to weigh at least one hundred pounds over their ideal body weight. A person's ideal body weight is based on their body mass index.

raven simone is obese. maybe like 160 or 150 or 147 idk

derpends how much you weigh too

A BMI of 30 or greater is considered obese. BMI (body mass index) is calculated as follows: your weight (in Kilograms) divided by the square of your length (in meters)

It depends on your height. Think about it, a very tall person should weigh a lot, and a short person should weigh less. So obese for someone of one height is not obese for another height.

The average cat can weigh between 8 and 12 pounds. However anything around 30 lbs. is dangerously obese for a cat.

i think you should weigh about 200 pounds if you want to fit in to the obese crowd

A ten year old girl can weigh from 80-100 lbs.

They should weigh around 70 pounds.

You weigh 210 I think, I weigh 215 5'5 I am obese so I know that you might be, what do you mean you are 5'2? YOu are age 20?

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