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It is relative to the amount of water and the weight of the glass. Obviously, an eight ounce glass of water would weigh 8 ounces plus the weight of the glass. <><><> The weight of a glass of water depends on the amount of water in the glass.

A common size of water glass holds 8 fluid ounces of water. In rough terms, one ounce of water weighs one ounce (weight). This gives the answer that a glass of water weighs half a pound. (The weight of the glass is not included in this half a pound.)

To be more precise, an Imperial Ounce (used in Britain) is 28.41 millilitres. This would give 8 ounces a mass of 227.3 grams. (0.500 pounds weight)

In the United States, a Fluid Ounce is 29.57 millilitres, which gives a mass of 236.6 grams. (0.52 pounds weight).

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Q: How much does a glass of water weigh?
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