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How much does a humans brain weigh?

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The average brain weights 12lbs.

Just Joking!

The average brain weighs 3lbs.

The male brain weighs 3lbs.

The female brain weighs 2.8lbs.

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What is the weight of an average humans brain?

The average adult human brain weighs in at around 3 pounds, and an elephant brain can weigh close to four times that much, but the biggest brains of all come sperm whales, and weigh an average of 17 pounds.

How much does a horses brain weigh?


About how much does the brain weigh?

3 pounds

How much does a female brain weigh?


How much does a sheep brain weigh?

a lot

How much does a chimpanzee brain weigh?


How much do humans weigh on Venus?

peole will weigh about 4 pound

How much does a teenager's brain weigh?

the teenagers brain weighs 2.8 pounds

How much does an average elephant brain weigh?

The elephant Brain weighs 6000g.

How much does a child's brain weigh?

400 grams

How much did Einstein's brain weigh?

43 oz

How much does a humpback whales brain weigh?


How much does the brain weigh?

Around 3 lbs

How much does a brain weigh?

It weighs about 3 pounds.

How much does a cow's brain weigh?

About 500 grams

How much did the stegosaurus brain weigh?

2.5 pounds

How much does a owls brain weigh?

23 kg

How much does a goats brain weigh?

14 oz.

How much does a rhesus monkeys brain weigh?


How much does a seagull brain weigh?

100000000000000000 KG

How much does an adult brain weigh?

about 3 pounds

How much does a horse brain weigh?

average brain weight for a horse is 532 grams

Hoe much does a dolphins brain weigh?

A dolphins brain weighs 13 pounds.

Does your skin weigh as much as your brain?

No, it weighs 2 times more than your brain.

How much brainpower do humans use?

humans use 10% of there brain power