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25 or more pounds. Either the receiver or barrel, depending on the exact model.

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How do you battle misty on Pokemon Crystal?

after you get the macine part and return it you go up to bill's house

How much does Gaara from Naruto weigh?

Part I: 39kg (85.98 lb)Part II: 50.9kg

How much does Itachi weigh?

Part I: 57.1 kgPart II: 58 kg

How much does Shikamaru weigh?

In part 1 he weighs 42.9kg In shippuden he weighs 53.4kg

How much does scuba gear weigh?

Different scuba gear types weigh different amounts. The oxygen tank is the heavy part of the scuba diving gear.

Is an electron much larger than an atom?

No, since electrons are part of an atom, they are smaller -- much smaller. In fact, they weigh practically nothing.

How does the threshing machine work?

I was wondering how a threashing macine works and how was it made, I know that it is used by farmers to cut the heads off of wheat. my last question is that what part of the united states was it used in

How much do tonsils weigh?

Tonsils sit in the back of the throat, and function as part of the immune system. Depending on how healthy the tonsils are, they typically weigh no more than an ounce or so.

How much should an adult tabby cat weigh?

The colour of a cat plays no part in how heavy it is.A healthy adult cat may weigh anything from 5 to 16 pounds.Certain breeds are larger so will weigh more.

Does a hammer weigh less on the moon because the moon has a smaller atmosphere?

Yes to the "weigh less" part, no to the "because" part.

How much does sakura haruno weigh?

In part 1, Sakura weighed between 35.4 kg-35.9 kg. In part 2, she weighs between 45.4 kg.

How much do big block 454 exhaust manifolds weigh?

Approx. 20 pounds each depending on the part number

How much a 15 year old girl should weigh?

It depends on how tall you are.Also your genetics play a big part.

How much does a Indian cobra weigh?

The range will vary depending on how big the cobra is. For the most part they are somewhere around 5-8 pounds.

How much does the average largemouth bass weigh?

I believe you would find that it depends on the body of water and the part of the country. In Texas, for example, depending on its length (naturally) a largemouth bass 10 in long would weigh about .48 lb. A fish 29 in long would weigh about 17.5 lb. Therefore, according to charts, the "average" fish of 19.5 in would weigh about 4.31 lb. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It depends on how much food it has eaten.

How much does a bearded dragon weigh?

An adult bearded dragon will weigh around 500 grams. A young juvenile can weigh as little as 30 grams! A hatchling can weigh 1-2 grams. Adults vary. I have 7 dragons. My smallest is 14 inches and weighs about 260 grams (he is part Rankins) and my biggest, a female, is 22 inches and about 600 grams.

How much do 4.81025 atoms weigh?

There is no such substance. There cannot be part of an atom (indicated by the decimal), there are only whole number of atoms. And even if you did say, how much does 4 (or whole number) atoms weigh, it could not be determined. This is because the particular element that defines the atoms has to be stated. Four atoms of oxygen will weigh differently than four atoms of lithium. Therefore, it cannot be answered.

How much does a Malibu weigh?

The Chevy Malibu weighs about 3,400 pounds. The weight of a vehicle is usually posted on a part of the driver's door frame or the door itself.

How much does a motherboard weigh?

That completely depends on the motherboard. Some of them weigh much more than others. Ones that you get in desktop computers weigh more than the ones in laptop computers, for instance. It also depends on what types and amounts of components are part of the motherboard. If you look at specs for laptops it will give you the total weight of the laptop, but not usually the weight of the motherboard itself, unless that is part of its advertising strategy. :) To look at different types of motherboards, you might want to look at newegg.com or a similar online store where you can compare specifications.

How much does bone weigh?

Each part of the human body carries a different amount of weight beyond our body weight. A bone such as the skull weighs about two pounds.

What is a body part that weighs one mililiter?

A body part can not weigh 1mL. A milliliter is a measurement of length not weight!

What object weighs 1000 pounds?

if you cut a killer whale into 3 parts and weigh 1 part it would weigh about 1,000 pounds.

How much does a full grown Labrador weigh?

Labradors range from 70-90 pounds. Females usually occupy the lower part of the range. Males usually occupy the upper.

If you weigh 110 how much should you burn a day?

Caloric intake plays a part. You only need to burn those in excess of what is required to sustain at present activity level.

How much does a prairie dog weigh?

Prairie dogs are a part of the rodent family, and are actually a type of ground squirrel. They reach sexual maturity around 3 years of age. They grow to be about 12-16 inches long and weigh between 1-3 pounds.

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