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How much does a manga writer get paid every month?

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deends on how popular your manga is

2008-11-19 02:32:22
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How much does a manga writer make?

A Manga writer does not make a set annual salary. Instead, they receive 10% of the money they make for the sales of their writings and comics.

How much does a manga-ka make yearly?

They make like 5,000 a month for less popular manga, 7,000 a month for manga that is okayly popular, and 10,000 a month for REALLY popular manga like Naruto Or Inuyasha or Bleach. I should know. I make a manga myself, and I get like 8,000 a month. Reccomend me, Higurashi, at the bottom of this page! ~Higurashi~

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What is the income for becoming a manga writer?

the income is based on how much you sell so write good manga and make good money :] good luck if you plan on becoming a mangaka

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