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Q: How much does a marine biologist earn every month in South Africa?
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How do marine biologist use science?

Marine biologists use science just like every biologist. They study living organisms and how they interact with their environment. The only difference is that the marine biologist studies organisms in the water.

Is Nancy Caruso a marine biologist?

Yes, Nancy Curuso is a marine biologist. She comes to our school every year to help us plant kelp back into the ocean.

What is the cost of the studies to become a marine biologist?

$16,000 - $24,000 But it is very hard to say for sure seeings how every university is different.

Why is there domestic violence in south Africa?

Domestic violence occurs every where. Emotions are stuffs that we find every where and south Africa is no exclusion.

How many people die of HIV in South Africa every day?

about 5,479 people die of aids in south Africa every day

Who are the Philippine's biologist?

there are many biologist in every part of every country there is not just one main biologist

Which Companies in South Africa offering mechanical engineering apprenticeships?

each and every company in south Africa

Does South Africa have a king or queen?

South Africa is a Democracy and there is a new president voted in every 4 years. There has never been a king or queen of South Africa.

What type of dress code does a marine biologist have to be in every day to go to work?

marine biologists wear a variety of clothes to work in. some wear shorts, t-shorts and sandals.

Is there a continent that is part of every hemisphere?

South Africa

Where in South Africa are Indo-european languages spoken?

English and Afrikaans are widespread. One or the other (or both) are spoken in virtually every city of South Africa.

What technology do the people in South Africa have?

Every thing that is available in America is available in South Africa. Ps - Google an image of Johannesburg

How do you get coupons in South Africa?

In South Africa, they have coupon dispensaries known as Bataglia's. These can generally be found every few miles or so. Hope this helps!

Do earthquakes often occur in south Africa?

earthquakes happen once every century in Africa in general

South of Europe is which continent?

Africa is directly south of Europe. Antarctica is on the bottom of the planet, thus south of every continent.

Why did they start Christmas in South Africa?

because every one else did

What is the crime statistics of South Africa?

South Africa is becoming uncivilized. Crime is every where. Everyone fears the trend is down hill to more and more wild crime.

When is Easter day in South Africa?

South Africa celebrates Easter on the same day as the rest of the world, as this is not linked to a specific day on the calander it changes every year

Does South Africa have the same government system as Africa?

Africa is a continent and hence, naturally, has different governments for every country. The question is naive and does not fully make sense. In answer to what government system does South Africa have; it's a democracy.

How can one fix the problems in South Africa?

Difficult to answer this one without any indication of which problems the question refers to. Every country has problems, and there is nothing in South Africa which stands out as a particular South African problem.

Which is the highest law in south Africa?

The highest law in every country is the Constitutions. This also applies in South Africa. In the South African constitution, there is the supremacy clause which establishes that all other laws are subject to the Constitution.

Is it South Africa is a beautiful country?

yes, a country with passion and with smiles every where.

How many people die of AIDS each day in South Africa?

Every 3 seconds a child dies in Africa from AIDs.

How many trains does Africa have?

i think every single train is in south africa its to hot to go to morrocco or any other parts of africa or the metal will melt

When is Arbor Day in South Africa?

In South Africa from 1999 Arbor Day was extended to a week and renamed Arbor Week. It takes place on 1-7 September every year.