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depending on the year of the watch and the cost of gold, and the type of president thers standard yellow gold and white gold, rose gold and platinum.

and super president with diamonds, and diamond dial, and bark finish

new can cost around $22,000.00 as a new day date standard watch.

1803 is the first generations of Rolex that had the movement for a couple of years meaning starting in the late 60s to late 70s

this would cost starting around 7,000,00

if you get 80s rolex then around 8 to 9k

if you get 90s or 2000 the price keeps going from 10k to 14k

the best Rolex to buy is original make sure there is no aftermarket diamonds added to watch this will effect value.

you can purchase a rolex and place a 300 dollar dial with diamonds you think it will go up on value but its the opposite this kills your resale value and the rolex dealer will never touch or fix your rolex again.

so do you research on the year and make sure you are aware if watch has added diamonds you should ask for lower price. and the watch must be 18k gold they do not make this watch in 14k.

also the bracelet must be original as well there's many aftermarket bracelets this also has lots to do with the value of the watch.

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Depending on the design and how many kt in gold and in diamonds it can range from 10,000 to 100,000 like I said depending On the kt of the gold and diamonds

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Q: How much does a men presidential Rolex watch weigh?
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