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How much does a no seat belt ticket cost in San Francisco California?


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My husband was just ticketed today for not wearing a seat belt as he was leaving a Union Square parking garage. He had only driven half a block when he was stopped. We called the phone number on the ticket and found out that the cost of the ticket is $160. It has no points, which means it will not go on his DMV record. So no traffic school is necessary to prevent our auto insurance costs from rising due to the ticket.

V. Lynne


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The cost of a seat belt ticket in California varies from town to town and county to county. The minimum ticket cost of an adult seat belt ticket in California is $142.

I just got one and got the notice in the mail and the cost of the NO SEAT BELT ticket was $322!! Is this a joke??? A speeding ticket on the freeway is $360, why is a seat belt ticket $322?? This government is a joke.

California Click it or Ticket costs...California no seat belt tickets can range from $80 to $91.

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The price of a ticket in Raytown, Missouri will vary depending on the reason for the ticket. A first time seat belt ticket will cost only $10.00.

6.13.2009 Received a ticket for talking on cell phone. The cost of the ticket is $132.00 first offense. Van Nuys Court.

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A ticket in Wisconsin for not wearing your seat belt is $10.00 for each individual. The ticket can apply to the driver, passenger, and rear seat riders not wearing a seat belt.

Cost me $400.00. But no misdemeanor was given to my record. Happily paid the fine. California.

In San Francisco it's $98 for cvc 22526(a) and $105 for cvc 22526(b) . Now that's subject to change when dealing with the MTA.

I dont know what u mean about first offense ticket. But i know that in N.Y a seat belt ticket in a local street , when cops stoped my friend was a 70$ ticket. Hopefully it will help u. ;)

I believe it is $55.00 dollars, at least that is what I have paid

I believe the first one is 95.00.

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