How much does a one-million-dollar life insurance policy cost?

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It depends on the insurance company and it also depends on rather or not the person whom you are trying to get insured was a smoker, drug user, or had HIV/AIDS. You can not get a policy without the insured knowing it. They must pass a health screening. That is what determines your quote. These online insurance companies can't really tell you anything with their online quotes. But if you are really serious then you would need to contact a insurance salesman or some sort of agent. They say, the typical million-dollar policy is around $250. Not affordable for the average person. And also remember that you have to have a reason for wanting a large policy like that to begin with. That type of policy will not be given to the average person who's gross income is $25K yearly. They would offer a person like that a normal life insurance policy. You must have reason for wanting one.
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How much does a non-owners auto insurance policy cost?

Here is an anecdotal answer: . This evening I wrote a policy for $100/300-50 liability, $100/300 uninsured motorist annual policy for $283.00 including all fees for a non-owner driving a leased 2005 Cadillac Seville. A lot of coverage for a little dough, but he has a good driving record. I recomm ( Full Answer )

How much does a one-million-dollar liability insurance policy cost?

Too many variables. Liability insurance for what? You need to contact an insurance agency that handles commercial insurance and ask them. Answer Somewhere between $50 - $1000 a month... $50 If you are doing something like selling flowers or something harmless, more if you are into EOD or radioa ( Full Answer )

What is the cost of one million dollar construction insurance policy?

A one million dollar general liability policy should be about $700.00 - $800.00 annualy if it's written correctly.. If you are asking about a Personal Liability Umbrella, the cost may be closer to $200 annual depending on what state you live in and what you want covered under the umbrella, and if y ( Full Answer )

Does the cost of insurance increase in a universal life insurance policy?

Answer . It depends on the policy, but in many cases yes. Universal Life has many of the same characteristics of Whole Life insurance (i.e.- cash value)but is "technically" speaking Term Life that is renewed on a regular basis like every 5 yrs or even yearly.. If you are unsure whether the price ( Full Answer )

How much does Business Owner's Policy insurance cost?

It will depend on a few things. The first is what type of business you are operating, where you are located, what limits of liability and property coverage you need, and the last will depend on your sales/payroll/square footage of your business.. Your state insurance department is your best resourc ( Full Answer )

How much will life insurance cost?

It depends on many factors: your age, sex, occupation and health among others, and the amount of insurance that you want to buy. .

How much of a loan am I allowed to borrow from a life insurance policy?

Generally, you can only borrow money from the following types of policies:. 1. Whole Life (aka Ordinary Life, Cash Value Life). 2. Univeral Life. 3. Variable Life. Note: there are a few others which are much more uncommon, generally speaking.. Note: there are some Term Life policies that accumu ( Full Answer )

How much commission to insurance agent on Universal LIfe policies?

In Canada, in the case of a brokerage (independent business that can sell products from a number of different insurance companies) usually 60% of the 1st year's premium goes to the insurance brokerage (business that the aggent works for) and then the agent may get 60% of that .. If a brokerage does ( Full Answer )

How much does life insurance cost for 250000?

The only way to determine how much your life insurance would cost for $250,000 is to request quotes for life insurance.. Each insurance company has their own pricing guidelines, and underwriting guidelines, so each carrier offers different rates for life insurance.. Several factors effect your lif ( Full Answer )

How do you pay for funeral costs with a life insurance policy?

You submit a claim to the insurance company when the insured dies. They pay the claim to the beneficiary, the beneficiary writes a check to the funeral director for the expenses. You can also assign to the funeral home a portion of the death benefit needed to pay for the funeral. The funeral dire ( Full Answer )

How much does 500000.00 life insurance policy cost?

There are way too many variables to be able to give you a $$ amount including but not limited to your age, smoking status, personal health, family history, and the list goes on and on. Contact a reputable broker for multiple quotes.

How much does term life insurance cost?

That will vary, based on a large number of factors, including: your age, sex, & health "status;" the amount of coverage you want; and the length of the term period (how long the plan stays in force - the "term" period). Generally, the least expensive "type" of term coverage is "yearly renewable term ( Full Answer )

How much would the check from a 500000 life insurance policy be?

Unless there are gift or estate tax consequences, then a $500,000 death benefit should pay the beneficiary an exact $500,000. Life insurance benefits will generally be paid income tax free. If the situation is more complicated than it would have to be assessed differently.

How much does it cost to cancel car insurance policy?

I would call your company because some may charge. If they do, it could be a 10% fee. Your best option would be to let it run out by not making your payment. Make sure you have coverage in place before that one expires though.

How much can you take out on your whole life insurance policy?

Ten (10) times annual income is the rule of the thumb when it comes to determining the amount of life insurance. Other considerations include number of dependents, amounts of financial obligations you have, age, and your total financial goals/plans.

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How much does life insurance costs?

Life insurance can have a very low cost, if purchased at a young age, non smoker and good health. The premiums do not increase for the length of the insurance contract (unless you get an Annual Renewable Term). Term life insurance is cheaper than permanent life insurance, because of the mortality ri ( Full Answer )

How much does it cost to add new driver to your insurance policy?

It depends on several factors such as the drivers age, marital status, sex, driving record, etc. Often times it doesn't cost anything to add another driver. Unless the driver is underage, has tickets, etc. there would be no cost. It can even reduce the overall rates on the policy, it just depends on ( Full Answer )

How much does a life insurance policy usually cost?

The cost of a life insurance policy depends on your age, lifestyle habits and marital status. It is hard to determine without these specifics. Additionally, any features that you woul dlike on your life insurance policy would effect the price.

Does the definition of a person's lifestyle choices affect the costs of term life insurance policies?

I beleieve that if a person was to smoke and inject drugs thwen yes their life insurance would cost more as they make themselves more prone to diseases such as cancer or needing hospital treatment for severe injuries however if a person did not smoke and lead a healthy active lifestyle it should not ( Full Answer )

How much tax will you have to pay on a 100000 dollar life insurance policy?

If you are referring to the death benefit paid if the insured dies, then no tax is due at all. This is the case if the money was left to a person as beneficiary and as long as the premiums were never deducted as any type of expense. If the beneficiary was the estate of the insured and the estate is ( Full Answer )

How much life insurance policy can you get for 350.00 a month?

This cannot be answered in a forum like this. The amount of coverage can be tailored to meet your insurance needs. Prices will depend on you age, sex, physical condition, etc. as well as what type of policy you need. For instance, if you need $500,000 of life insurance but can only spend $350 per mo ( Full Answer )

How much does one million insurance policy cost for a trucking business?

A forum like this is not the place to get rates on insurance. There are far too many factors involved with rating insurance especially a commercial insurance policy like your are looking for. I would recommend that you contact a couple of independent insurance companies and speak with them. They can ( Full Answer )

How much does one million dollar liability insurance cost?

Depends on what business you have, what license you carry, gross receipts, payroll etc. There is no "typical rate" without have more information. You could work with a Broker such as myself to shop the market for the best rate, based off of the information listed above. If you would like more assist ( Full Answer )

How much cash commisson does a license insurance agent earn from the sell of one life insurance policy?

Ever wonder how much a life insurance agent makes on yourpolicy? Does an insurance agent receive a salary? . That's a dirty little secret the insurance industry doesn't wantyou to know, for fear it would kill the sale. . "If the public knew that my general agent gets 120 percent orthat I get 85 pe ( Full Answer )

How much does an insurance policy from Delta Dental cost?

The monthly premium from Delta Dental for one individual is $32.78. The premium for one individual and one dependent is $62.44. The premium for one individual and two or more dependents is $110.11.

How much does a policy from Washington Home Insurance cost?

The average Washington Home insurance rate in June 2012 was $668.00. The rate has increased since Feb 2012. There are other ways to reduce the cost of home insurance such as security alarms or bundling with auto insurance.

Which life insurance policy is the most low cost?

Low-cost life insurance policies vary widely depending on age, health, state, and other lifestyle factors. Nearly any insurance company can sell you low-cost life insurance, but the payout is often much smaller.

How much does globe life insurance cost?

Regardless of your age, ethnicity, or gender the premium for Globe Life Insurance is $1 for the first month. As to the other months, price is based off of different risk factors that other Life Insurance companies take into consideration.

What are the typical costs for a life insurance policy?

The cost for a life insurance policy depends on your age,your health and the amount of the death benefit. Also the time period of your insurance affects to the price of the insurance. The yearly average price of whole time life insurance can be anything between $1.200 and $2.000. The term insurances ( Full Answer )

How much does a one-million liability insurance policy cost for a pit bull?

The answer depends upon a number of factors. These include the State in which you are located, the insurer, whether there is a "bite" history, and whether you are speaking of primary insurance or coverage under an excess or "umbrella" policy. Given the amount of insurance that you mention, it sounds ( Full Answer )

How much does a trade credit insurance policy cost?

This price of this policy is all dependent on several variables, but it typically costs half of one percent of insured sales. Rates are dependent on trading history, and historical debt loss.

How much does Primerica Life Insurance cost?

Unfortunately, life insurance is never a cut-and-dry solid price. Like all kinds of insurance, the cost of life insurance varies widely from individual to individual; insurance companies hire people specifically to figure out just how much to charge people based on statistical information. The best ( Full Answer )

Where can one find a life insurance policy?

Life Insurance policies can be found online or at a local insurance agent. Life insurance policies are available on most insurance websites AAA, AARP, and Geico just to name a few.

How can one sell their life insurance policy?

One can sell their life insurance policy and this is called Viatical Settlement. An insurance company sells insurance policy to a person. This person (viator) sells his policy to another person (viatical settlement provider). When the first person dies, the second person will benefit and cash in the ( Full Answer )

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How much is an iPhone 5c in Euros?

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How much does a 250000 term life policy cost?

The cost of any life insurance policy will depend on your age and health. Life insurance - ANY insurance, actually - is a bet. You're betting that you will die, and the insurance company is betting that you won't. The insurance company wants to make sure that the odds on the bet are favorable to th ( Full Answer )

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