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It depends where. Usually like 15 cents for little goldfish;)

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How much does a fish cost at pet co?

Usually arounnd $3

How much does a fish from the pet store cost?

At our pet stores they are usually different prices depending on what type of fish they are but they are usually under 10 dollars.

How much do normal fish cost for example clown fish?

What is your definition of normal? A clown fish is a saltwater fish, they cost more than fresh water fish. Suggest visiting a local pet store to see the costs of fish you are interested in.

How much are pet fish worth?

it matters about he condition of the fish

How much do pet monkeys cost?

pet monkeys cost from 1,000 to 10,000 dollars

How much did fish and chips cost in 2014?

how much did fish and chips cost in 2011

How much do pet shots cost?

Pet shots cost $50.00 to $150.00 depending to which pet vet u go to

why do we have pet fish?

we do

How much does it cost to clone a pet?

about as much as a jig

Did Niall Horan kill his fish by feeding it to much?

He never had a pet fish..

How much a pet penguin will cost?

you should not keep a penguin as a pet

How much do pet ferrets cost in Maryland pet stores?


How much do pet chameleons cost?

that cost like $100

How much does tetra fish food cost?

Try researching on the internet for various prices or go to pet stores that carry the tetra food.

How much do bettas cost?

Bettas or fighting fish, can cost anywhere between $8-$12 depending on the pet store. I am not sure if males cost more than females or vica versa though.

Why a fish is a good class pet?

not to me A fish is a great class pet. As a preschool teacher, the fish are't distracting like a Guinea Pig. Fish do not make noise very much.

How much does a fish cost?

depends on the fish you want

How much does an Oscar fish usually cost?

Usually the larger the fish the more money it costs. Different pet shops have different mark ups as do different wholesalers and breeders. An Oscar can cost anywhere from a dollar to a hundred dollars or more.

How much does fish cost?

Fish are not very expensive animals, the fish habitat might be a little bit more expensive though compared to how much fish cost!

How much does a VIP pet insurance cost?

You shall understand that pet insurance will cost between $2000 and $6000. You will understand that VPI pet insurance will cost roughly in that range.

How much does it cost to groom your pet?


How much does a pet nautilus cost?


How much cost pet hedgehog?


How much is a fish tank heater?

Check your local pet store, depending on the wattage of the heater, you are looking at a cost anwhere from $7.95 to over $35.00

What were One Directions first pets?

niall's first pet-fish liam's first pet-fish harry's first pet-fish zayn's first pet-fish louis first pet-fish

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