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A piccolo costs around...


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Q: How much does a piccolo cost?
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How much would a piccolo cost?


How much does a piccolo trumpet cost?

couple thousand for a good one

How much is a Piccolo of champagne?

A piccolo size bottle of champagne is 200ml (or20cl).

What is the difference between a fife and a piccolo?

Fife is a place and a piccolo is an instrument. NO Fife is like a smaller piccolo only less complicated (pretty much a tube with holes) and piccolo is a smaller version of the flute

How much is a gemeinhardt cadet piccolo worth?


Is the fingering of the flute the same as a piccolo?

yes, but of course the piccolo is much smaller so your fingers are much closer together and you also have to make your lips tighter. Also, the notes on the piccolo are one octive higher than the notes on the flute, but yes, the fingerings are the same.

How much higher is a piccolo than a flute?

a bit higher ??

What is a piccolo trumpet?

A piccolo trumpet is a trumpet with half the normal length of tubing. This allows it to produce pitches much higher than a normal trumpet.

What are the lyrics to your name is high low piccolo?

my name is hi-low, piccolo, piccalo hi low hi lo piccalo piccalo no name

What is higher the piccolo or the flute?


How much is a piccolo?

I bought mine for about $100. You just have to look for a deal.

How much did Brian Piccolo weigh?

205 pounds93 kilograms

What instrument plays much higher than a flute?

drums piccolo

What are the parts of a piccolo?

The piccolo has two parts.

Is a piccolo in an orchestra?

Sometimes a piccolo is in an orchestra.

What is the complete and simple subject of the piccolo has the highest range?

"piccolo" is the simple subject and "The piccolo" is the complete subject.

Does the piccolo have the same fingerings as a flute?

Yes, but the buttons and triggers are much smaller

Does the flute play the highest notes in the family?

no, the piccolo can go much higher

How much higher does the piccolo play than the flute?

One octave higher.

Which instrument has a higher note a flute or piccolo?

the piccolo

What is the range of a piccolo?

The range of a piccolo is d2 to c5.

What is high pitched the piccolo or the flute?

piccolo, obviously

Which one has the highest notes flute or piccolo?


How tall is Brian Piccolo?

Brian Piccolo is 6'.

Which country was the piccolo invented?

the piccolo was in vented in Germany