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Your answer depends on your location. A pool in a Las Vegas building adds a different value -- and expense for upkeep, water and additional insurance, than does a pool in Toronto.

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Q: How much does a pool in a condo building add value to the units?
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How much does it cost to build a 6 story condo building with structural concrete in Toronto?

Your answer depends totally on the number of units, the price of design and construction, and other associated expenses of developing land in this geography.

How much to stain a two story condo?

Your answer depends on the square footage to be covered, and not the height of the building.

How much the value of condo unit after 5 years?

Your answer depends on the local market. You can pay an appraiser to value your unit.

How much should I be paying for condo insurance?

The value of your insurance depends upon the value of your condo. The important thing is that you have enough insurance to replace the condo. If you got the condo for a low price many years ago you can't insure it for that because you'd not be able to get another to replace if it were destroyed. The cost of the insurance on yor condo is based on several factors. In some cases your condo association will dictate the amount of coverage you must have.

How much space is required between the ceiling of one condo and the floor of the above condo?

This may be a local building code matter, that may have changed since the building was built. Your question may have to do with noise or other issue, which you can discuss with your board to learn more about your options.

How much is a condo?

The cost of a condo depends on the size + quality. If you are looking to buy an amazing condo, about $50'000 is gonna go out your wallet.

How much is the rent for a Tucson condo?

"The rent for a condo in Tucson varies by size and location. A two bedroom condo will cost approximately $970 and a three bedroom condo will cost approximately $1,571."

How much do you tip a condo building concierge for Christmas?

That depends on a myriad of factors relating to the type of condo, building arrangement, years you have been living at the condo, years the conceirge has been working there, the amount of HOA fees per sq feet you pay, how much you like the concierge, how many of them there are, how long they keep your packages, whether they open the door for you and, did I mention, how much you like them. If you own a place in New York, usually $100/concierge If you live outside of New York, say Atlanta or Chicago, usually $15-25/concierge.

How much does NFL player Jon Condo weigh?

NFL player Jon Condo weighs 245 pounds.

How much does it cost for a furnished condo for rent?

You can visit, to view furnished condo's for rent in Evansville, Indiana. Depending on what all you are expecting out of the condo will determine the price on rent.

How much is a condo in asterdam?

A local realtor can answer your question.

How much does it cost to insure a building and its contents?

The cost to insure a building and its contents varies greatly by size, location and value of contents.

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