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Depends on what state, level of, and pricing in the salon. Anywhere from $12,000 to $100,000.

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Q: How much does a professional hair dresser make?
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How much does a hair dresser make?

about 26,460 a year or 12.72 an hour

How much money do hair stylist make a day?

The average hair dresser makes $67 a day.

How much money does a hairdressers make in a year?

my mom's a hair dresser so about 20,000-30,000

How much do hair dresser make a week?

1 dolar I think it depens on the place you work at and what skill you have

How much would you get paid if you were a hair dresser?

£50000000 a year.

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you should really be asking your hair dresser this question.

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how much does a dresser cost? under a hundred dollars

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