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How much does a psychiatrist earn per year?


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From $20000 a year to $100000 a year.


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A psychiatrist in Italy will earn about 1,669 euros per month. This is equivalent to $1,517 in United States currency.

A pulmonologist may earn about $200,000 -per year.

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they earn 5.oo$ per year

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they earn over 430 thousand a year

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The average salary of a psychiatrist is $207,000 per year. The average hourly rate of a psychiatrist is $99 per year.

About 6 million dollars per year

they earn about $50000-$200000 per year

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they make around 50,330 per year

$100,000 per year This is what I heard from a website.

$60,000_80,000 per light year.

About $317,000 per year.

£1000000000000 per year

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