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How much does a real estate agent charge for his services if renting?


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Real estate agents fees/commissions are negotiable. If they charge per activity they should have set fees. Those are for people who want to do somethings for themselves. Most of the time the commissions are typical for your area but can be negiotiated, if say you want to do your own advertising or if you bring in the buyer yourself. Real estate agents most commonly work on commission so if you ask one a ton of questions and have them take you to see homes or land or ask them to look up and send you listings,etc. they are in a since working for you and it is nice to stay loyal and sign up with them if you do decide to list or buy. Many agents work from referrals too so if you think they did a great job, pass it on! Best of luck! Actually, a real estate AGENT does not usually charge for his services. The licensed BROKER he works for shares the commissions he earns. Typical, the broker whose company lists the property charges the seller a commission of 6 or 8 percent of the selling price, probably more in some markets and maybe less in others. If the property is sold by a different agency, the commission is shared with that broker. Usually, the agent who got the listing (found a seller), the broker he works for, the agent who sold the property, and the broker he works for each get 1/4 of the total commission. When you are buying a house, you do not pay "your" agent and he is NOT working for you. Occasionally you will find a licensed real estate agent who will act as a buyer's agent and charge a fee to look out for your interests.