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How much does a real estate agent charge for his services if renting?

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real estate agents fees/commissions are negotiable. If they charge per activity they should have set fees. Those are for people who want to do somethings for themselves. Most of the time the commissions are typical for your area but can be negiotiated, if say you want to do your own advertising or if you bring in the buyer yourself. Real estate agents most commonly work on commission so if you ask one a ton of questions and have them take you to see homes or land or ask them to look up and send you listings,etc. they are in a since working for you and it is nice to stay loyal and sign up with them if you do decide to list or buy. Many agents work from referrals too so if you think they did a great job, pass it on! Best of luck! Actually, a real estate AGENT does not usually charge for his services. The licensed BROKER he works for shares the commissions he earns. Typical, the broker whose company lists the property charges the seller a commission of 6 or 8 percent of the selling price, probably more in some markets and maybe less in others. If the property is sold by a different agency, the commission is shared with that broker. Usually, the agent who got the listing (found a seller), the broker he works for, the agent who sold the property, and the broker he works for each get 1/4 of the total commission. When you are buying a house, you do not pay "your" agent and he is NOT working for you. Occasionally you will find a licensed real estate agent who will act as a buyer's agent and charge a fee to look out for your interests.

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How much does a real estate agent charge for his services?

It varies from office to office, city to city, state to state and service. There is no such thing as a "standard fee" for real estate services.

What are difference between an estate agent and an auctioneer?

An estate agent is an agent who is in control or charge or the estate. The auctioneer is the one who is going to get the most money they can from the estate and property.

When did sea watch resort start renting out condos?

A local rental agent or real estate agent can answer your question.

What is a Real a State agent?

Perhaps you mean "real estate" agent. A real estate agent is the itermediary between people wanting to sell property/real estate, and people wanting to buy property/real estate. Real estate agents also act as property managers, leasing/renting properties out on behalf of the owner

If the attorney of an estate is also the personal representative of that estate can she sell the real estate and collect both the real estate commission and her attorney fees?

The real estate agent is the person who collects a commission on the sale of the real estate not the estate representative (executor/administrator). Generally a person who fills both roles, attorney for the estate and executor, can charge for both services.

Can a licensed real estate agent rent out a house that they personally own?

Yes. Agents are not prohibited from renting out property they own.

What services would an owner use for renting out homes?

There are many services that an owner may use when they are renting out their home. They may use a real estate agent and/or a lawyer to help them work out the rental contract. As well, they may do minor repairs around the home before showing it to renters, which could involve hiring repair men, painters and cleaners.

What to Expect From Estate Services?

Estate services are knowledgeable agencies that help prepare properties for resale after the death of the owner. They have a great deal of experience in this process, which can be a great help for anyone who needs to take care of the practical business of collecting the property of a deceased individual and selling it in an effective way.Assistance in Clearing out an EstateThe estate services agent will work closely with you to collect, inventory, and eventually sell all of the property of the deceased individual. Their job is to appraise items and sort them so that they are priced as closely as possible to their actual worth. Estate services agents are trained to work quickly and with very little disruption into the life of the family of the deceased. Working with an estate services agent should be relatively painless and straightforward, no matter what kind of property is being assessed.Coordination and PreparationAs soon as you hire an estate services agent, he or she will visit the property and begin the process of preparing it for sale. Items will be appraised and sorted in the appropriate fashion. Once everything is ready, the estate services agent will help you put together an estate sale that can be advertised to the general community. The agent will oversee the sale while it is in progress. You can assist the agent by explaining the origin of some of the items that you have more information about, which can help the agent establish a reasonable price for some of the more special items.Who Estate Services Work WithEstates services work with several different entities depending on the situation. They are available to work directly with family members of the deceased as they sort and price items for sale. They are also available to work with estate managers, real estate agents, and property executors. The person who is legally in control of the deceased person’s material possessions is the person who will work the most closely with an estate services agent. If the property is owned by a bank or another institution, the institution usually leaves all of the arrangements up to the estate services agent completely.

What is the name of a personthat sells house?

real estate agentrealtorreal estate agentrealtorreal estate agentrealtorreal estate agentrealtor

What companies employ commercial real estate agents?

Companies that are searching for commercial real estate space to purchase or to rent will use the services of a commercial real estate agent. An example of a commercial real estate company is Sealy Real Estate Services, Shreveport, LA.

What is the role in interior design of a real estate agent?

The real state agent provides interior designing services to their clients or tenanats on their demands.

Do you pay a real estate agent that sells you a home?

No, they will charge the seller a fee based on the price of the house.

What is a reasonable rate for a real estate agent?

Numerous real estate agents in the same area may charge different rates. The best advice is to check with each of these real estate agents in your area and ask them what their rates are. Several may be the same, but may offer different services too. This would be something to also check on with the real estate agents.

What products and services are offered by Reiwa?

Reiwa provide real estate services in Perth, Australia. They allow one to find properties for sale or rent and find a Reiwa estate agent or Reiwa autioneer.

What degree do you have to have to become a real estate agent?

In the US, states are in charge of the licensing requirements for real estate agents. There are currently no states which require a college degree to obtain a real estate license.

What percent does a real estate co charge to sell a home?

It can vary but the traditional rate is 6% split evenly between the seller's agent and buyer's agent.

Where can one find an office to rent at a low price?

Just like renting an apartment you can contact a real estate agent to help you find rental properties. Depending on your budget, staff and location requirements an agent from a real estate company, such as Re-Max, will be able to locate a rentable office space for you.

What is the purpose of a real estate agent?

Real estate agent help you to sell and buy your dream home.

What is the Typical Day of a real Estate Agent?

what is the typical day of a real estate agent?

What GCSE's do i need to becom an estate agent?

what gcse do i need to become an estate agent

What services does the Cayman Islands real estate provide?

The Cayman Islands real estate provide the services of selling homes in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands is a picturesque place and the homes in the area are expensive and the use of a real estate agent is suggest to get the most scenic home for aesthetics.

When was Northwood - estate agent - created?

Northwood - estate agent - was created in 1995.

What is the purpose of the real estate code of conduct?

To make sure real estate agents behave in a common standard and provide the services the client deserves. Call me if you would like to get a copy of the real estate agent code of conduct 310-734-6698 or email @

What services does the company Vebra offer?

Vebra is an estate agent that operates in the UK. It specialises in properties both in the UK and overseas. It also promotes software for use by other estate agents.

What other field can a real estate agent pursue?

Real estate agent can be real estate broker he can open his office that should be registered.