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A serving of meat is about the size of ur fist.

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Q: How much does a serving of meat weigh?
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How much does one serving of meat weigh?

depends on the meat :) x One serving of meat is 3 oz (85 gr) uncooked. How many servings you need per day depends on your age, gender, and activity level.

How much does a package of meat weigh?

There is no standard-size package for meat. It should weigh whatever is on the label.

How much does a quart of meat weigh?

You don't measure meat in quarts. However, a quart of meat would weigh 2 pounds

How much protein is in meat?

How much protein is in meat depends on what kind of meat you are eating. It also depends on how much meat you are eating. There are 6g of protein in a 2oz serving of chicken.

How much does a gallon of red meat weigh?

Meat is not in gallons. Gallons is for liquids. Meat is measured in pounds.

A clerk at a butchershop is 5'10 tall. What does he weigh?

MEAT. Read carfully it asked what does he weigh? Not how much does he weigh.

How much does 74 grams of meat weigh in ounces?

2.61 ounces.

Does cooked meat weigh less than raw meat?

Type your answer here..Does cooked meat wiegh less than raw meat. If you wiegh out 100 gram of chicken raw, how much will it weigh once it is cooked

How much is a serving for meat fish or chicken?

6-8oz pre cooked weight

How much does a meat ball weigh?

Depends on how big the meatball is, wouldn't you say?

How many ounces of meat is a serving?

A serving of meat is generally 4 ounces, which can be compared to the size of a deck of cards without weighing the meat.

You are serving 60-65 people spaghetti How much hamburger meat do you need for that?

8 lbs

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