How much does a shrew eat?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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They eat alot a day like a pound or to

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Q: How much does a shrew eat?
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How much does a tiny shrew eat?

They eat alot a day like a pound or to

How much does a shrew weight?

Well, the house shrew is the biggest shrew, it weighs about 100 grams.

Is it bad to have a shrew in your house?

Yes, shrew are related to mice. Shrew may dig a hole in your house or even eat a little bit of your food.

Would a shrew eat a mayfly?


What does an elephant shrew eat?

it eats insects


it eats insects

What does a baby shrew eat?

insects or hay

How much does a baby shrew weigh?

Baby shrew weigh 4 grams.

What animal needs to eat cinstantly to survive?

a shrew

What does tree shrew eat?

it is a carnivore and eats rem

How does the long tail on a shrew help it survive?

it helps it eat

A tiny insectivore that must eat 24 hours a day?

Its a shrew